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click to enlarge Calling All Cars will bring local flavor to a show featuring - two poppy California bands Saturday, Jan. 5. If you go, - consider leaving any piano-endangering friends at - home. - JIM ROSE
  • Jim Rose
  • Calling All Cars will bring local flavor to a show featuring two poppy California bands Saturday, Jan. 5. If you go, consider leaving any piano-endangering friends at home.

Well, another holiday season has come and gone. I trust the "fat man" gave you everything you deserved, and I hope the new year will treat you better than the last. Now, you would think that, this being January (with all its frosty lameness), that I would have to stretch pretty hard to find something decent to write about. After all, this is Colorado Springs, for Christ's sake.

There is no culture.

There is no nightlife.

There is no scene.

Well, au contraire, mon frere! Don't you go flushing this January down the loo just yet. This baby has eyes!

In fact, there is so much happening this month that I won't even get to pad my column with nice fluffy reviews of the painfully overdue Nirvana Unplugged DVD (well worth the wait), or my favorite release of 2007, Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. by legendary Japanese noise-maker Yamazaki Maso's garage punk project, Acid Eater, which is barely available on Japan's Time Bomb Records.

No sir, there is far too much going on to talk about all that. Let's get to it then, shall we?

On Saturday, Jan. 5, the secret Piano Warehouse venue is gracious enough to once again open its doors. This time, it'll be for a couple of touring bands straight out of Cali: Bay-area pop rockers The Boys After and San Diego hard-core poppers Fight Fair. Rounding out the lineup are OG Springs punk-poppers Calling All Cars.

(Without getting all Big Brother on you guys, just know that the Piano Warehouse is pretty freaking amazing for letting bands play in such an interesting, unusual spot, what with all the pianos lying about in such a high-liability environment. I've heard that some of you more pretentious little twits haven't exactly been behaving yourselves at a few of the past shows. Well, knock it off already! No scene can thrive without a decent D.I.Y. venue and this is the first time we have ever had one larger than a furnace room. Remember High Life? Can we please not screw this one up?)

Now back over to the bar...

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, head over to The Rocket Room and help the well-coiffed crooner Chris Winters celebrate the birthday of our true lord and savior, the King of Kings, Elvis Presley. Now, before you go getting all offended by my sacrilegious monkey business, think about this one: Jesus wore the crown of thorns, right? Well, Elvis was known to sport generous amounts of Royal Crown hair jelly. I'm just saying...

And finally -- and, boy, do I mean finally -- on Monday, Jan. 10, the honorable Reverend Horton Heat will be burning up The Black Sheep stage with his incendiary sermon of the post-rockabilly apocalypse.

Now, if that dont put the larder in your garter, take comfort in the fact that the other band on the bill, Nashville Pussy, has never had a problem with heating up a place, either!

January never looked so good! And that's just a smudge of all of this month's solid-gold easy action. So stay tuned!

Smell you later!

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