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click to enlarge Loosen your own tie and catch The Jack Trades, with Grant - Sabin and the Revelators, on Friday at the Nickel.
  • Loosen your own tie and catch The Jack Trades, with Grant Sabin and the Revelators, on Friday at the Nickel.

Ah yes, it's another beautiful not-quite-spring in wonderful Colorado "Not Just for Invalids Anymore" Springs, and you can smell the romance in the air. Can you smell it, baby!? Yeah, you can smell it. And while you are at it, ladies, get a whiff on me ...

But only the ladies, because neither gentlemen nor miscreants nor ne'er-do-wells are invited. Yes ladies, join the amazing Lola Spitfire, the Colorado Springs native who mentored in Los Angeles under the creator of cardio striptease, Jeff Costa, for Burlesque Ladies' Night Out, every Friday night at Rock Your Yoga (127 E. Bijou St., second floor). Spitfire's also been conducting a workshop series on Monday nights at The Rocket Room with another scheduled for March, so the opportunity to get naughty is not yet lost! Grab your girls and your wine, but leave your inhibitions at the door!

Up next, I have a nasty "deuce" to unload, thanks to a heads-up from the venerable, not to mention venereal, Jeremy Grobsmith (who has recently added another fine metal band, Seven Year Coma, to his impressive rsum). Mosh Pit Music (908 N. Circle Drive) Colorado Springs' O.G. Pit Records will be shutting down for good, regrettably, as soon as the end of the week. The internationally recognized Pit magazine will go with it.

I remember, when I was just a wee lad, going into Mosh Pit and buying my very first New Kids on the Block T-shirt. (New Kids on the "Chopping Block," that is!) Mosh Pit also kept me in good supply of ninja swords and rolling papers, and without any further self-incrimination, it carried the Four Corners' states deepest, darkest selection of metal, everything from heavy, to black, to speed and to death. R.I.P. Mosh Pit, R.I.P.!

And speaking of putrid rotting stenches, did you catch the Sgt. Pepper's fiasco at the end of the Grammys!?! After almost a solid week of obsessively and compulsively watching Across the Universe on DVD, and listening to old Beatles wax, that was about as welcome as a sub-Arctic Wet Willie. It looks like M. Jack needs to cash in before The Beatles catalog starts to become public domain in the U.K., starting as soon as 2012!

So now, the last smelly little item for me to talk about is most pungent indeed but this time in a pleasant way, like pressed flowers, and butter and babies. Yes, just as I was wrapping things up, the invigorating scent of a dawning day burst through my inbox, along with these magnificent words (bolded text ours, capitals theirs):

"... LOVERLEIGH will be graciously taking on some badass talent to round out and fill up the sound and stage. You may have heard his name ... Jeff Fuller ring a bell? I know this is an unprecedented leak of information, but OH MY GOD WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH WE COULD DIE! Seriously, this is gonna be great. Those of you who DO know the name also know he's both a very talented and very busy guy (see El Toro de la Muerte for starters ...), and has agreed to work with us on an as-available basis ... and after the christening rehearsal this afternoon, all I can say is FUCKING WOW."

Indeed! Catch the new wind in a couple of fortnights, Sunday, March 9, specifically, at The Black Sheep with the additional lineup: 1090 Club, Capgun Coup, Tango Red Tapestry and The Alan Baird Project.

And don't forget to hit up the Triple Nickel on Friday for Grant Sabin and the Revelators along with The Jack Trades, whose impressive two-man assault could only be improved with bass or rhythm guitar, or at the very least, a drummer with breasts. Then, give Abstab some love at the Sheep on Saturday!

Smell you later ...

Keep Adam smelling good! Hit him with cool, refreshing music news, photos, demos, etc. at adam@csindy.com or myspace.com/atomleech.


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