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click to enlarge Andy Tanner puts those lovely cheekbones to good use at - The Rocket Room on Friday.
  • Andy Tanner puts those lovely cheekbones to good use at The Rocket Room on Friday.

All right! A most happy Leap Year's Day to you all, especially those of you celebrating both of your big "pop" birthdays, the sweet "16" and the dreaded "64"!

In any case, or for that matter, at any rate, congratulations! Perhaps you should treat yourselves, both the free-spirited, wide-eyed, rambling teenager and the cautiously pessimistic, much-better-fed but nonetheless-jaded adult, to a nice evening out. There's going to be a pretty cool art/music/film event this Leap Friday at WeUsOur Artists Market and Wine Bar (10 Ruxton Ave., Manitou Springs).

As the very first Last Friday art opening, A Date with a Train is set to feature various train-related works by Tylan Troyer, Jennifer Koen and the artist currently known as Lies, as well as the beautifully filmed short, Steel Don't Bend, by former Springs resident and general bad-ass Jimmy (Hollywood) Dziura. (Check out his excellent documentary on Flogging Molly. ) And if that isn't enough to get your steel wheels rolling, there will be the wonderful music of not only The Haunted Windchimes, whom I am known to be rather fond of, but also their irrepressible lead yarn-spinner, Inaiah Lujan, flying solo.

Or perhaps that just isn't your bag -- in which case, might I suggest you leap over to The Rocket Room on Friday for a nice refreshing swig of the indie kind of rock. Join your friends and mine, Eyes Caught Fire (oh, they burn!), Tango Red Tapestry (I told you they'd be back), along with the incredibly talented and well-associated singer-songwriter Andy Tanner (nothing witty, but he is really good).

And you might as well just sleep in the parking lot, because the next day, The Rocket Room will play house with Michigan's Al & the Black Cats, and a more and more familiar face around these parts, Brian Parton, from Oklahoma. This rockabilly showdown is free at the door, so even all you no-account drifters are in like Flynn. And not Errol Flynn, mind you, that lecherous scoundrel, but Edward J. Flynn, infamous Democratic campaign manager during the FDR years! That dude got in too, apparently!

Now, nothing shouts "We support local music!" louder than a good old-fashioned, open-mic night, and when it comes to mics, aint nobody's more open than Jerry Roskins. Roskin, the host of no fewer than four different weekly shindigs, allows a mottled mix of music, poetry and art to go though his wires, and all you have to do to get in on the action is show up. You ready? Here it goes:

Mondays at Benny's, Wednesdays at Meadow Muffins, Fridays at The Dutch Mill Tavern and Saturday afternoons at that crazy little Poppy Seed in Manitou. With the exception of the Benny's gig, these are all-ages events, so even your offspring are in like Flint this time referring to the 1967 James Coburn spy spoof, In Like Flint, which is to blame for all the confusion in the first place!

And I can't finish up without a little shout-out to Diablo Cody and her Oscar win for the Juno screenplay. Juno, which I have not yet seen but am told is based loosely on my own life, has a splendiferous soundtrack featuring Kimya Dawson and also proves that some of us teenage fuck-ups can grow up to be pretty darn cool. Now, although I'm certain she wasn't the only ex-stripper on the red carpet Sunday evening, I am almost positive she is the first Academy Award winner to have an exposed pin-up girl tattooed on her arm. Hot damn, now thats what I call breaking down barriers!

That's all, so long, fare thee well, smell you later

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