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Brian Early never gets accused of being drab  go to the Underground for a show this spring, and youll see why. - JOHNNIE ENGER
  • Johnnie Enger
  • Brian Early never gets accused of being drab go to the Underground for a show this spring, and youll see why.

Are you ready for the biggest music news to hit Colorado Springs since The Dead Milkmen destroyed the Fine Arts Center? Brace yourself, because the man Kurt Cobain once called the greatest living songwriter, whose songs have been performed by musicians including Tom Waits, Sonic Youth, Beck and The Flaming Lips, whose fine-art cartoons have been shown in galleries both high-brow and low from Austin to New York to Zurich ... the legendary Daniel Johnston will be at the Smokebrush Gallery (218 W. Colorado Ave.) at 9 p.m., Friday, April 4, for a signing of Hi, How Are You?: The Life, Art, & Music of Daniel Johnston. He'll also put on a short live performance.

If you're not yet familiar with Johnston's work, which includes hundreds of homemade and studio recordings and countless creations on paper, visit hihowareyou.com. Among other things, purchase The Devil and Daniel Johnston on DVD. Then prepare yourself for a colossal shift in your rationality toward art and music.

I will have more on this amazing occurrence, but many thanks to Don Goede, co-author of Hi, How Are You?, and everyone else at Smokebrush. The $25 tickets will surely sell out, so I suggest you step on it.

Moving on: Are you looking for a little garage rock that can really roll? Or perhaps you need a bit of punk with a lotta soul? Thee Emergency, a Seattle garage rock 'n soul posse, will be burning nitro down at The Rocket Room, this Friday in the p.m., along with Denver's punk-fueled reply to No Child Left Behind, Forth Yeer Freshman. Following the intense and infallible voodoo rock 'n roll rhythms of The BellRays, Thee Emergency blends the raw power and passion of the proto-punk rock of The Stooges and the MC5 with the wailing vocal moans of a heated and uncaged lioness.

Next up, in the May God Have Mercy On Us All Department, guess who's soon to be booking shows at the newest (ha, ha!) downtown music venue, the Underground (110 N. Nevada Ave.)? Pause for chill down the spine ... Yup, you guessed it, Brian Early!

If the name doesn't ring a bell, well, you've probably never met him, and if you have, trust me, you know it. Better known for his shameless, often incredibly annoying, yet undeniably effective self-promotion than his work with his impeccably titled, uh, band, The Scene vs. Brian Early, Brian's been an expected face around such historic haunts as The High Life House, and one of those responsible for the Everyday House debacle. Brian's Underground debut won't come until a May 29 A Novel Form show, but any interested bands (especially those of the electro/indy/punk/scream genres), can hit him up through myspace.com/rchpresents. Mercy, mercy ...

And finally, I implore you all to consider hitting up the Etta James concert at the Pikes Peak Center on March 28. I do not know much about Etta specifically, but by the grace of God, her album Etta James Rocks the House fell into my hands about two weeks ago, and so help me, I cannot get her out of my head. Her rendition of Jimmy Reeds Baby What You Want Me To Do is breathtaking, and the album cover alone is enough to command your respect, not to mention it'll scare the "square" right out of you.

Don't believe me? Google it. I dare you.

I also dare you to smell me next week -- double dog, baby, double dog!

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