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click to enlarge Pat Benatar will be breaking hearts with Neil Spyder - Giraldo at the Pikes Peak Center.
  • Pat Benatar will be breaking hearts with Neil Spyder Giraldo at the Pikes Peak Center.

What the hell, man?!? Pat Benatar and Neil "Spyder" Giraldo (yes, thee Neil "Spyder" Giraldo!) are playing at the Pikes Peak Center (190 S. Cascade Ave.) on Sunday, Aug. 10, and nobody bothered to inform me?!? How the heck am I going to find a 'sitter on such short notice? Ha, ha! Naw, I'm just messing around with you I've had my tickets for months! Ah, but seriously, I think this heat has finally gone an done melted up all o' me brain's cells.

And don't look for a cool down at the Triple Nickel Tavern on Friday, Aug. 8, because things tend to get a little heated when you start spreading a little Black Gasoline around. The Wichita, Kan., power quintet is known to melt a few brain cells itself with its swaggery, super-charged, diesel-fueled, shag-carpet-and-blacklight rock 'n' roll.

Sounding as though they aren't quite sure whether they are rockin' in an arena or in the garage, the guys in Black Gasoline will be peddling copies of their latest, She Gave Us Magic, on Dirty Ape Records. Also on the short tour with BG is St. Louis pre-eminent Camaro-core dude-rock quartet, Shame Club. Striking the first match, however, will be the band that puts the fist in pacifist their line, not mine Denver's Super Eights. Kaboom!

Then, when you finally drag your hangover out of bed at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, fire up the flathead and roll down to Southside Johnnys for its annual "Cruz-In: Kustoms, Rods and Nostalgics" car show. This year's event will feature the proverbial rockabilly pride of the trailer park that is the great state of Colorado, the Hillbilly Hellcats, and the girl-squad that is quickly becoming the pride and joy of Springs nightlife, Lola Spitfire's School of Burlesque. The students do very good work. Honest, they do. For more information, call Serg at 444-8487 or visit myspace.com/southsidejohnnys.

So, I got a few e-mails last week, which is a few more than usual, but one in particular, I thought, deserved mention. From a gentleman (I assume) named Rok Star, it read as follows: Bro, enough on the Haunted Windchimes already ... we get it ... you like them. tell you what ... if they EVER make it on a national stage, or chart a record, I personally will eat this printed out email and buy you the most luxurious dinner yo'uve ever had? deal? until then, shut up about it ... that music doesn't appeal to anyone but those who know them in Southern Colorado ..."

Well Rok, my friend, you are on! I see you, and I raise you a movie, and am willing to put it on paper. Define what constitutes a national stage or charted record (I will even let you set a reasonable time limit), and we will see who has to buy whose dinner (and a movie).

In the meantime, let me just say, I absolutely love the Haunted Windchimes, as musicians and as people, and if anyone at all in Southern Colorado deserves national attention, surely it is them! You can get in on the action yourself just hit them up at myspace.com/thehauntedwindchimes and then drop me a line with your own comments.

After all, what the hell do I know? It's not like I am a professional or anything! Oh, the heat! Woot, woot. Smell you next time.

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