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click to enlarge KaiserCartel dream of playing the Springs again and again.
  • KaiserCartel dream of playing the Springs again and again.

So, last week I strayed away from the music scene, muddled about in the business of politics, and commented on Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech. I thought it would only be fair to comment, this week, on John McCain and his new bitch, er ... pit bull, Sarah Palin. I realize that I am sans-uterus, and may be overstepping my boundaries, but as a former failed politician, I got a wheat penny I'd like to toss at you.

Well, Sarah Palin is one hell of a pit bull. Can you say snarky? Like Bush and Cheney in one, with lipstick! She delivered one hell of a speech, too, am I right? But just like Crystal Shit, the world's greatest Doors cover band, it's easy to impress people using someone else's words. It will be interesting to see how well the Lizard Queen sings her own songs.

I could go on for at least another 150 words, but my editors would probably just cut it all, and besides, there are more important things to worry about anyway. There is noise to be made! There are shows to be seen!

The Absolute Zero, a psuedo-psychedelic acousto-Americana outfit out of Denver City, Denver, will be staking out the Rocket Room (230 Pueblo Ave.) on Friday, Sept. 12. The group mashes the influence of Syd Barret, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash into a dark, but not necessarily depressing, brand of new-world goth, and features on the drums Mykel Martinez, former owner of Denver's most magnificent dive, the 15th St. Tavern (R.I.P.), and current guitar player for two of Denver's heaviest and grungiest rock and/or roll bands, Black Lamb and Grease Machine.

Brooklyn, N.Y.'s KaiserCartel will return to Shuga's (702 S. Cascade Ave.) on Sunday, Sept. 14 (fresh from their appearance at Red Rocks Monolith Music Festival), to support their new album and to continue charming the pants off everyone they meet. They will be joined by the similarly endearing Loverleigh, which has finally made good on promises to record (check myspace.com/loverleighmusic for more!), and Andy Tanner, whose latest, Suitcase Full of Air, is available online (myspace.com/andytanner).

Loverleigh's Chris Combs, prolific studio drummer and can-rattler extraordinaire, also wanted me to let you all know about the Charlie Milo Trio's new regular gig at the Thirsty Parrot (32 S. Tejon St.) on Tuesday nights through September. Each week, the free, all-ages shows will feature a special "rotating" guest musician which would be so much cooler if the guest musicians were actually rotating. But I am absolutely certain that their original, experimental, funky, avant garde, groove-based compositions will more than make up for the lack of continuous rotary motion.

And last but not least, I hope, the Leechpit (708 N. Weber St.), a little shop in which I may hold some interest, will turn five years old this Saturday, Sept. 13, and I heard the Haunted Windchimes and the Jack Trades will be playing free, all-ages sets with some super-shitty garage punk band called Thee Kissing Disease (again, in which I may hold some interest). It starts at noon and goes to about 5. I so dare you!

That is that. Smell you later. I am Adam Leech, and I approve this message.

Send hi-res pics and other connections between Sarah Palin and Crystal Shit to adam@csindy.com or myspace.com/atomleech.


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