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Post-grunge locals Aria Tari will put the rawk back in the Rocket Room on Saturday
  • Post-grunge locals Aria Tari will put the rawk back in the Rocket Room on Saturday

Looking for a little goth-metal to melt your face on a Friday night? Well, look no further than Friday at the Black Sheep, where black-clad crusaders AnaDies will celebrate the release of their new CD, Prevail.

The hypnotic and dynamic crew, led by the powerful lungs of Christy Lynn, draws heavily on the influences of bands such as Within Temptation, Katatonia, Opeth and Tool, all the while maintaining a potent and original combination of heavy metal, hard rock and industrial goth. Also slated to grace the stage are a few more of your beloved local metal bands: Bohemian Grave, Recondite and Biophobavore. Yeah, that's right, you heard me ... Biophobavore!

As promised, the Springs' newest hard rock-grunge alternators, Aria Tari, will roll out its live show, for the first time ever, at the Rocket Room this Saturday. Judging from the sound of its debut EP, Melancholy Eyes, the band ought to have heads bangin' and flannel flying! Mixed down by one Frank Pappalardo perhaps you've heard of some of the artists he's worked with over the years ... Tom Petty, Robert Plant, Wilco, Brian Wilson, Styx Melancholy Eyes is pure alternative, meticulously marinated in the essence of 1994, and safely hidden from the influence of what mainstream "rock" has become. (It's available directly from the band at ariatari.com.)

Sharing the stage will be Denver's finest rock 'n soul survivors, Black Lamb, two-time winners of Westword's "Music Showcase" competition (Best Metal/Hard Rock Band 2007, Best "Doom Metal" Band 2008). For those unfamiliar with "doom," just think "sludge," but a little bit faster, or "stoner," but a little bit more evil. Hopefully, that clears it up for you.

Sticking with the Rocket Room, on Tuesday, Sept. 23, a band all the way from Marseille, France, called Ed Mudshi, will appear. As much as I'd love to try to describe its style of crazy, punk-infused art-core/nu-jazz, I couldn't possibly say it any better than the band does at myspace.com/edmudshi ... "Form vers 1995 par ben (mtal, classic guitar, kebab) kiki (?, dessins?) et Rem (funk, alternatif), le groupe commence ..."

Oops, wrong paragraph. Try this: "Formed around 1994 with no precise idea to be a real band. 3 good boys learned to create ugly music (last band of several contests, people sometimes told us we played wrong music on stage). They kept on, did Cds, played a bunch of gigs, toured 4 times u.s west coast + 300 shows."

What more could you need to know? They are from France, for cryin' out loud! The least you could do is schlep it a couple of lousy miles.

Now, before I leave you this week, and return to my ivory rock 'n roll journalist tower, I would like to respond to a comment that keeps coming up. People keep telling me, "I love the column, but I haven't heard of any of the bands you write about." Well, isn't that the point? If you already knew about them, I'd be out of a job! But seriously, there is one really good way to learn more about the bands and shows that I write about ... Did you guess it yet? Excellent!

So, I guess I will smell you next time, or perhaps, at a show?

Face-melting news, pics and freedom fries should be directed to adam@csindy.com or myspace.com/atomleech.


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