click to enlarge Cool for Cats prowl over to Poor Richard's on Saturday.
  • Cool for Cats prowl over to Poor Richard's on Saturday.

Welcome to another heart-pounding edition of Reverb. This week, like any other, is jam-packed with all sorts of morsels for your music-starved mind, but surely I have been missing something. Got a favorite local band? Heard of a sweet-ass show coming through town? Want me to write up your BF's band? Think the "scene" blows harder than a Sarah Palin interview? I want to hear from you! Otherwise, I am just going to keep running my mouth off, and we will have you to blame for it!

Appearing live at Rico's at Poor Richard's on Saturday, Oct. 4, will be the rather hilarious guitar-rock-rhythm-and-blues duo, Cool for Cats. Consisting of the talented Jeremy Facknitz, who can be found performing regularly at places like Rico's or the Speedtrap in Palmer Lake, and a gentleman named Nick Davey, whom I will call Little London's Billy Bragg, Cool for Cats performs a healthy and humorous mix of covers and original material. Davey has also recently started offering reasonably affordable recording and audio services through his new Web site, yourownsongs.net. Mandy Franco is scheduled to open.

Heavy experimental Denver drone-rockers Tornado Alley will be releasing their first-ever sonic slab, Subtextual, at the Black Sheep on Saturday, Oct. 4. Fans of late '70s post-rock (Joy Division, Bauhaus), or early '90s post-punk (Sonic Youth), or mid-to-late '90s shoe-gaze (B.J. Massacre), ought to find this band comfortingly depressing to say the least. (It cites "the hubris of humankind ... boundless greed and the violence it wreaks upon the human psyche" as influences.)

Joining Tornado Alley will be its self-proclaimed sister band, Eyes Caught Fire, plus Abracastabya and the Rouge. The Denver release of Subtextual is being planned for late November, but until then, the Springs release will be the only place to grab a copy.

And why, you ask, would a Denver band release its album in the Springs first? Well, according to a band statement, "The reason we're doing the CD release in the Springs first is because we've had a better response there from crowds." Hmm ... better crowds ... now isn't that interesting?

Again, if you are planning to vote in the upcoming presidential election, and you very well should be, you have to register before Oct. 6! That is Monday! As a nation, we have some serious decisions to make, and we all need to speak out. Are we a nation of hope, or a nation of fear? Are we a nation of action, or a nation of reaction? Do we want Barack Obama and "Change we can believe in," or John McCain and "Leadership with Depends on?" Now, for me, the choice is fairly clear, but hey, it's your funeral, too. Regardless of your views, you can't vote if you aren't registered!

And speaking of funerals, the Navajo Hogan Roadhouse (2817 N. Nevada Ave.) has once again shuttered. Citing the poor economy and fewer people "out drinking," plus a refusal of its request for a $700 billion bailout, the historically on-again, off-again restaurant/venue/bar with the gigantic neon Indian chief, closed last Sunday evening. For now, Big Chief Neon Head will again sit atop a vacant building, quietly awaiting his next confident victim. R.I.P.

Smell you next week.

Send hi-res pics and lo-res roadhouse memories to adam@csindy.com or myspace.com/atomleech.


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