click to enlarge Ouch: Denvers notorious Catheter tuned up at Phils Radiator Service on Tuesday.
  • Ouch: Denvers notorious Catheter tuned up at Phils Radiator Service on Tuesday.

"What part of 'terrorists want to kill us' do you morons not understand?" It seems like a loaded question to me, but that was precisely the question posed by the extremely large and equally uninvited bumper sticker that someone placed on the back of my brand new, used Subaru.

Perhaps they were responding to my "Support our Troops, Disarm Bush" magnet, or maybe they hate my gas mileage, or just maybe they were feeling a little "inadequate" as the country (and even El Paso County, Gawd forbid!) appears to finally be waking from the nightmare of the last eight years.

Regardless, my friend, Joe Six-Pack, whoever you may be, I have a bumper sticker for you and your McCain-Palin cronies, and I don't even have to blatantly piss all over your rights to free speech or personal property ... "Bombing for Peace is Like Fucking for Virginity." Think about it, pal, even as you mourn the waning of your "surge."

There is one surge around here that really is working, and that is the explosive rise of the Pueblo punk rock scene. Always bubbling ferociously under the surface, it's now blowing up, thanks to reunited crust-core legends the Fanatics, solid new(er)ish bands like Better Luck Next Time and A Poor Substitute, and consistent venues like the Fallout Shelter and Phil's Radiator Service (109 E. C St., Pueblo). Phil's hosted the Fanatics, Better Luck Next Time and the notorious Denver grind punk demolishers, Catheter, just Tuesday the last.

The surge continues Saturday, Oct. 11, at the Moose Lodge (41 N. Precision Drive) in Pueblo West when the local label, Random Records, presents its "Colorado Punx Unite" showcase. The show features an assortment of homegrown talent, including Bleached, Scrotus and another long-forgotten, but locally significant, punk band, ONE FIFTY ONE, which used to play shows with my old punk band, the Deadites, way back in the days of "Pure Energy," "Specials" and "Bear Country." Ah, the good old days. Back then, when we said, "The scene sucks," boy, did we mean it!

Back in the Springs, and back to the future, the Triple Nickel Tavern is holding a couple of shows this weekend well worth noting. First, on Friday, Oct. 10, solo Manitou songbird Xanthe Alexis and a new band called Highway will open up for the Hollyfelds (voted 2008's Best alt-country band by Westword's Music Showcase). Then, on Saturday, it will be more of that outlaw rebel country with Michael Dean Damron (ex-member of I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House), Power of County and the Chris Winters Show, my choice for 2008's Best-Dressed Crooner Award.

Chris Winters, and his Show, will be pulling double duty that evening he'll also be playing a benefit at the Rocket Room for our friend, Mr. Andrew Rusk, who took a nasty spill off of his "lambarettavespascoota" and needs a little help with his medical bills. But who needs health care anymore, anyways?!

Also donating their services will be indie song guy Andy Tanner and neo-grunge rockers Aria Tari. And, as always, you can find out more about these fine bands and concerts by typing each band's name after "myspace.com/". It works almost every time!

I guess that is that. Vote or die! Smell you later ...

Send hi-res pics and any parts of "terrorists want to kill us" that you don't understand to myspace.com/atomleech or adam@csindy.com.


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