click to enlarge Rob Beloved's dog coaches him on proper fingering of the mu major chord.
  • Rob Beloved's dog coaches him on proper fingering of the mu major chord.

By the time you read this, it will be a whole new world. As I sit here, Monday morning, writing what will be my last submission under the shadow of evil overlord Bush, I am filled with hope and courage, and a fair bit of nausea ... praying (like only a true agnostic can) that Americans, "real" Americans, "liberty and justice for all" Americans, will have made the right (Barack) decision (Obama).

Things are looking good, and I sure wouldn't want to be McCain right now, but regardless of who's won: If I never get another phone call from robo-Rudy, Mitt Romney or Hank Williams Jr. ever again, well, you know damn well it will be too soon ... and if they really wanted my vote, they should have had the "real" Hank Williams call me. At the very least, Hank the III!

Agnostically speaking again, my hero, Benjamin Franklin, once said that "beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Now, what better way is there to celebrate your faith than this Friday, Nov. 7, when the heavenly new-grass (as in modern bluegrass) outfit, Grass It Up (another of your Indy '08 "Best Of" bands) gets all "hopped" up at the 2008 All Colorado Beer Festival? There is none!

This year's event will be held, in all seriousness, at Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center (5825 Mark Dabling Blvd.), and according to allcoloradobeerfestival.org, the $30 ticket includes as many 2-ounce samples of Colorado beer as you can responsibly consume, or until you can no longer beat the first level of Donkey Kong. God bless America!

Durham, N.C.'s most beloved girl/boy guitar/drum/synth duo, Beloved Binge (belovedbinge.com), will be blowing through the Rocket Room on Saturday, Nov. 8, with some upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock. Taking turns strumming, humming and drumming (while swiping pages from the K Records playbook) Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge conjure up happy memories of indie rock's fun-loving and far less pretentious past. They will be supported by Denver's electro-ambient craftsmen, Transit Vibes, and the spastic, plastic, fantastic DJ Juicebox, otherwise known as Chris Bullock.

It's not like all that many of you will have the opportunity to check it out, but Colorado Springs' very own "country mouse," Cahalen David Morrison, will spend the next month rambling all across great, big New York City, making Tuesday nights at Arlene's Grocery Residency (95 Stanton St., New York) his new home away from home. Be sure to check out his full list of shows, including more in neighboring East Coast states, on his site (myspace.com/cahalen). How about e-mailing your friends and family in the region?

Good luck in the big scary city, my friend, and watch out at night. That's when the weirdos turn crazy!

And speaking of weirdos going crazy, the Rocket Room will host a new series of Thursday night goth/industrial parties, starting Nov. 13. Mee-yow! If that's not enough to make your miserable life worth leaving, Sunday nights are always gothic at the Underground.

Still speaking of weirdos gone crazy, I hope McCain ain't president. That would just palin stink, and I seriously don't want to smell that one later.

Send hi-res pix and/or schematics for a time machine (if necessary) to myspace.com/atomleech or adam@csindy.com.


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