If you tuned in to last week's Reverb, then you know about my brief "ska-bsession" in the summer of '96. Well, this somehow led into a two-year bout of rockin' pneumonia, which was characterized by greasy, well-combed hair, extended sideburns and a constant need to listen to bands like Slim Cessna's Auto Club and the Reverend Horton Heat, both of which will be rolling their rockabilly revival to the Black Sheep on Sunday, Feb. 1. Man, I even rolled cigarettes in my sleeve, and wore Buddy Holly glasses (R.I.P. 50 years, Feb. 3) with the lenses busted out ...

But that's not the confession I had planned for this week. No, I hate to do this to myself, but long before my "checkered" past and long before my greaser days, I was a teenage goth kid. It wasn't my fault. I was only 15. My hero, Kurt Cobain, had just been killed, and I was sad and lost. Only darkness could fill the void. Either that, or I was trying like hell to impress my ber-gothic girlfriend, who will no doubt be attending the 20th anniversary of "Goth Night" at the Underground this Saturday, Jan. 31.

Featuring DJs Sherry, Brent, Tyler, Shelby, Nate and Heather (c'mon guys, you can think of creepier DJ names than that!) who, over the last 20 years have spun wax at the Annex, the Lab, the Edge, Industrial Nation, Sin City, the Velvet Underground and the Annex II at Hide 'n' Seek, this event is a veritable "class reunion" for all kinds of freaks and geeks. I'll wear the eyeliner if you wear the latex body suit!

So, me not being a huge fan of commercial "radio," and its many modern evil forms, I was not familiar with Larry Pierce, the alleged "Master of Dirty Country," who will be playing a few of his vulgar, rude, distasteful, blatantly offensive and unfortunately, rather entertaining, country tunes on Saturday, Jan. 31, at the Rocket Room. It seems Pierce, who could only be from Indiana, has released 13 of the raunchiest records since Chinga Chavin's relatively tame 1974 classic, Country Porn (featuring the "hits" "Cum Unto Jesus" and "Asshole from El Paso"), or since David Allen Coe's infamous Underground Album finally earned a bit of notoriety through performances and interviews on the Howard Stern Show.

Now, here comes the twist: For his 14th album, he is joined by Springs' scene veterans -itis, who will also share Saturday night's bill.

Grant Sabin and Co. will be eating high on the hog for a while with a new gig Wednesday nights at Nosh (121 S. Tejon St.), starting Feb. 4. This will be a mellower, acoustic version of their act, and will feature original songs from the band's 2007 release, Listen and Learn; cuts from his forthcoming release, Cold Day in Hell; and "a number of rotating blues covers ranging from Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix." And if once a week just ain't enough to get your mojo working, you'll be glad to know they play a grittier set of electric blues stuff Sunday nights at Benny's (517 W. Colorado Ave.), including "medleys and covers from all genres, with a blues style, of course." Of course.

And, of course, I will smell you all next week.

Send news, pics and sepulchral greetings to adam@csindy.com or myspace.com/atomleech.


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