click to enlarge The Photo Atlas brings its zany hijinks to town Saturday.
  • The Photo Atlas brings its zany hijinks to town Saturday.

Well, it's about time somebody called me out on my shit! I was starting to think nobody was paying attention.

First, let me apologize to all my Manitoids for neglecting to mention this year's Carnivale celebration, which, according to my many sources, was ... uh ... how you say ... "magnifique!" Well, I knew it would be! Besides, y'all didn't want all us "townies" and "Texians" crashing your party, anyhow. Anyway, I am sorry for the omission. Hit me next year and we will ... uh ... how you say ... "laissez les bon temps rouler!"

My next apology goes out to a public accountant who thought it was "weird" that I used the term "emcee" as a substitute for the title "MC," which is, apparently, a "colloquialism" for the term "master of ceremonies" (see Letters). Man, that is weird. What was I thinking!? Here I thought I was using a phonetic disambiguation when it was a colloquialism all along! Not weird at all, however, is why a full-grown man, certified in public accounting, at the height of the tax season, would be worrying about the lexicological metasemantics of phonetic disambiguation so badly that he resorts to calling me "smell-boy." Nope, not weird at all. ... From now on I'll stick with the preferred term "MJ," or Microphone Jockey.

And my final apology this week goes to ... and the envelope, please ... Colin Foran at the Compound, who politely informed me that, contrary to my previous reporting, the Green Room (3530 Chelton Loop North) is not C.Spgs' only 24/7 band rehearsal complex. Colin, who also plays in the local metal bands Execration and Dismemberment, opened the Compound (3609 E. Platte Ave.) a couple months ago, and with more than 9,000 square feet of rehearsal space, still has a couple rooms available. For more information, give him a call at 244-3444.

This Friday, Feb. 27, local acoustic guitar duo Love Dog will be playing a benefit for the National Mill Dog Rescue at Murray Street Darts (609 N. Murray Blvd.). Love Dog, aka Jason Witt and Dan Wise, are gearing up for the release of their debut "ceedee," which, from the sound of the Internet-leaked title track "Pleasure and Pain," will have some heavier alt-rock influence in addition to their more country-tinged acoustic stuff. Also on the bill are the flamenco sounds of Daniel Martinez, the '90s stylings of alterna-rockers Channel 27, and the rock 'n blues of the Anthony Davis Band. A worthy lineup for a worthy cause!

And speaking of worthy causes, Denver's most infectious dance-punk party, the Photo Atlas, will celebrate their new five-slice sophomore "eepee," To Silently Provoke the Ghost, at the Black Sheep on Saturday, Feb. 28. Why is that a worthy cause, you ask? Well, it's not.

Regardless, the Photo Atlas boys have supernatural command of their audience, turning the most stubborn of us aging hipsters into bobbing pineapples in no time. The new disc, produced by J. Robbins (Against Me!, Jets To Brazil, Murder By Death), won't be available nationally until April 21. Also playing this all-ages sock hop will be the Still City, the Chain Gang of 1974 and Hudson Grace.

Au revoir mes amis, sentez-vous plus tard ... or for my accountant friend, "SM-LU-L8-R!"

Send pix, hype and colloquial disambiguations to adam@csindy.com or myspace.com/atomleech.

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