click to enlarge There's no audience sparse enough to prevent Pea from achieving maximum intensity.
  • There's no audience sparse enough to prevent Pea from achieving maximum intensity.

Hey hey kids, I hope you all had a "sp-egg-tacular" Easter holiday. Nothing like a blanket of thick, wet snow to make the egg hunt all the more futile! "Keep looking kids, they're out there somewhere! Now where'd I put that darn mimosa?" Don't get me wrong, I love the "Easters," but seriously, man, where exactly do these "eggs" come from!? Ah well, let's move on, shall we, to a holiday that actually means something? Something spiritual. Something real and timeless and good ...

Yes, Saturday, April 18, is National Record Store Day, and any decent, MP3 fearin', vinyl LP carryin', Mojo Nixon stockin' record store across this great land will be participating with sales, live performances and giveaways ad nauseum. And you, madam or sir, are lucky enough to live in a town that actually still has a few (record stores that is). Now without going into any details that may be considered "conflicting," I urge you to peruse your local telephone directory, ask around the hood, and see what's going down at your favorite local record store, or visit recordstoreday.com for some mo' info!

And while I am on the subject of "mo' info," that is precisely what they intend to give you at the Pikes Peak Blues Community's Student Jam Workshop & Showcase at the West Center for Intergenerational Learning (25 N 20th St.) on Saturday, April 18, from 3 to 5 p.m. The all-ages musician workshop is designed for those of us "closet" musicians and all the folks "woodshedding" it and in need of a little more information and encouragement to get to the next level. This first session, which, by the way, is co-sponsored by the city of Colorado Springs (you go, girl!), will be used to gauge interest, and assuming we all do our part, it will become a monthly event. For some mo' "mo' info," call 385-7920 or 244-0460.

Saturday night presents a choice. Over at the Rocket Room they're hosting a release party for the new EP from Denver's Pea, a fine bunch of instrumental math/prog anti-jammers, led in part by the ridiculously talented graphic designer and former Springs resident Aaron Ray on guitar, as well as Michael Scarano on drums, Nick Sullivan on bass and Dave Allen on guitar. Anyone into heavy, technical and complicated compositions that build, swell, crash and repeat would serve themselves well to check it out, especially considering Eyes Caught Fire and Joshua Trinidad are set to open.

Over at the Black Sheep, there will be a horse of another color entirely. Fresh from a stint on the West Coast with Turbonegro, not to mention a recent tour with Motorhead, will be the psychedelic stoner-thrash ambassadors from the planet Venus, known to us Earthlings as Valient Thorr! Although they look far more likely to be a pack of Hells Angels than an interstellar missionary group, Valient Thorr truly is a band on a mission, and the mission is Earth's salvation. According to leader and former Earth school teacher, Valient Himself, "This crazy Earth system creates rotten people with messed-up values. I wrote some of these new songs about these rich parents who don't care for their kids. They just put 'em on pills and turn 'em loose for the schools to worry about. Luckily, they've got Valient Thorr to show them the error of their ways."

So, what'll it be? Math club, or eternal rock 'n roll salvation? The choice is yours.

Smell you later.

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