As much as I want to be the eternally optimistic ambassador of the LoCo scene, I gotta tell ya, I've been hearing a lot of "This scene sucks" talk going around. And it's not to say that there isn't a lot of work yet to be done, but let's be realistic.

Sure, we could all do a little more. You know, try a little harder. Hit up some shows. Buy some merch. Tell some friends. Post a blog. Or, if you're really feeling crazy ... buy a guitar. Start a band. Book a couple shows. Take a couple of photos (nice big photos). E-mail the press.

But oh, what effort that would take! Wouldn't it be easier to just complain as you nail that Guitar Hero solo for the billionth effing time?

Well, I posed a simple question on the Facebook (because MySpace is dead, man, dead): "Is there anything cool going on next week? Cause it would be sweet if I had something not shitty to write about." This, my friends, is the 100 percent suck-free reply.

Damian Alexander Burford, lead promoter at the Triple Nickel Tavern, said that the show on May 2, "Ninja Gun, Mike Hale from Suburban Home, Only Thunder and RJ Fletcher Saturday night. 3 bucks" will not suck. I believe him.

Geoff Brent, manager of the Black Sheep, chimed in with his own claim, "Immortal Technique Thursday. Only Thunder is rad too." Looking further into this claim, I must side with Geoff. Immortal Technique is sure not to suck, and with a competing venue's endorsement, Only Thunder is also looking to be suck-free.

Scene-ager of the year John Chacon wrote in with some info on May Day festivities. "Briffaut and like other bands are playing a house show on may day ... I forgot who else i think Hawk and Sparrow maybe and there is other people too." Albeit a bit muddled, what he was trying to say, I think, is that there'll be crusty, vegan, pinko, commie house-party fun Friday, May 1. Activities usually crop up on the west side, but in the interest of the participants, I shall say no more. For details, well, too bad. I guess you just gotta be a punk. ... If you can find it, I'm sure it will be a completely suckless event.

Legendary photographer and Colorado Springs cultural institution Bill Starr informed me that, "Just 45 minutes away in the steel city is the grand opening of Blank Tape Records' Living Room." Granted, this will take a short drive to Pueblo, but I swear it won't suck. According to its Web site, myspace.com/thelivingroompueblo, the Living Room (205 S. Main St.) is a "grassroots community space dedicated to providing the city of Pueblo a home for 'outsider' art, crafts, music, books, performances, lectures, events, and theatre," and "was founded by four main organizations: Monstar Promotions (LLC), Secret Skool Of Dinosaur Destroying (SSDD), Viva Design and Blank Tape Records" (home of our beloved Haunted Windchimes, the Jack Trades, etc.). The Windchimes, along with John Strelec, provide amusement starting at 5 p.m., Saturday, May 2. Dang, even P'blo is getting the suck out!

And besides, as my dear friend Krysten Koen reminded me, "oh stop complaining! it could always be worse — you could live in Kuwait!" Word, Krysten. You nailed it. We could all live in Kuwait!

Lastly, congratulations to my three sons (nyuck, nyuck!), Johnny, William and Izaac, who are graduating this week from fifth grade, kindergarten and kindergarten, respectively! Way to go, boys!

Smell you later.

Send news, pics and report cards to adam@csindy.com or the all-but-deceased myspace.com/atomleech.


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