Man, oh man ... I had the most awesome column written up about how awesome all the punk bands (Better Luck Next Time, Ap/Sub, the Fanatics, Scrotus and Bleached, just to name a few) and promoters (Phil's Radiator, the Living Room/Monstar, etc.) and kids (you know who you are) are down in Pueblo. It talked about how there was going to be this killer show next Monday that would undoubtedly blow your collective mind and be nothing less than legendary, forever changing the psychological landscape of the LoCo music scene. But then, just as quickly as it was announced, the show was taken away.

Sure, I could tell you who was coming, but it would only break your heart. Lamentably, in its stead you will find this, a far more "Colorado Springs" affair ...

Yessir, fresh from the deep pockets of Sam and Kathy Guadagnoli, the pair behind Rum Bay, Cowboys and a whole slew of similarly "nightlife"-flavored business ventures, comes Gasoline Alley. To the heart of downtown's entertainment mecca (28 N. Tejon St.) arrives the Springs' first and only "rooftop" bar, which will have a grand-opening celebration with a real "fine pair" (of shows) from recent L.A. classic rock transplant Krystal Slocum Trio on Friday, May 15, and Saturday, May 16. When she isn't communing with the psychic spirit of Jimi Hendrix, Krystal cranks out the rock in the "classic" method of '70s and '80s hard glam, and is backed by Wes Kennedy on the bass guitar and a drummer who, by his name alone, was born for the job: Woody Stixs. Subsequent weekends are booked with performances by Love.45, the Jake Loggins Band and Last Band on Earth.

Now, Gasoline Alley is claiming in advertisements (in this very paper, nonetheless!) to be "the only REAL Rock n' Roll Bar in town." This should come as a surprise to the folks over at Union Station, who have been a staple of the Colorado rock scene for well over a decade, and are hosting Plan Be and Bodycast on Friday, May 15. They're even providing a much needed reach-around to the street punk/Oi! scene Saturday with Stab Crew, the A-Holes, the Bludgeon Brothers, 99 Bottles and Denver County Death March.

Also not a real rock 'n roll bar, the Rocket Room is set to celebrate its second anniversary with a plethora of original rock 'n roll, in its varied forms, all weekend long. Kicking off the jam Thursday, May 14, will be local pretty-boy garage rockers the Nicotine Fits, Detroit Rock City's the High Strung, Pueblo's Sonic Vomit and Bryan Hartley of Memphis, Tenn. Then it's Fort Collins' Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams with the Haunted Windchimes set to chirp on Friday night. Lastly, the 4H Royalty —"the most underground alt-country rock band in Denver," a town known for underground alt country rock — will play along with the grown-up Buddy Holly of Colorado rock 'n roll, Chuck Snow, as well as the Colorado Springs All Stars Rock and Roll Revival Band, otherwise known as Roosterd, on Saturday.

Oh well, it's only rock 'n roll ... But I like it!

Smell you later.

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