When a man like our very own Don Goede (I say "our own" because this town would truly blow without him) tells you, "This is one of the greatest female songwriters in history," you take him seriously. Even the "pro-folk" messiah/pariah Devendra Banhart has made statements like this: "I'm so happy to be alive at the same time she is, because I get to see her perform."

And so do we. I am pleased to announce that you, too, are "alive at the same time" to see New York singer-songwriter Diane Cluck perform next Thursday, July 8, at Motif (2432 W. Cucharras St.), the brand- new contemporary food and jazz lounge on the city's "bustling" west side. Also performing at this KRCC event will be Manitou's version of "elegant and refined," Xanthe Alexis and the Hopeful Heroines. The show is earlier than most, doors at 6 p.m. and music from 7 to 9. More, albeit not that much more, information can be found at dianecluck.info or myspace.com/dianecluck.

Speaking of Xanthe, I just heard it through the "grapevine" that she has been asked to organize the first official Manitou Springs Youth Jam Band. The "jams," which will take place Wednesdays from 2 to 4 at the Gift Shop in Manitou, are intended to provide "a place where kids can come jam out with real musicians, creating an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration for young people." Sounds pretty legit to me, unless, of course, they are secretly working to create a gratefully undead army of noodle-jamming "Neo-Jerrys," poised to return the Earth to a G-L-O-R-IOUS state of self-righteous indulgence reminiscent of 1960s America. In which case ... far out, man!

These "jams" are open to any and all fourth- through 12th-graders and come with a suggested donation of just $5, but I have been assured that they, unlike the public education system, will leave no child behind. They are also looking for qualified "adult" musicians to help lead the "jams," so if you are one of those, drop Xanthe a line at xanthealexis@gmail.com.

Melody. Tempo. Rhythm. Pitch. Musicianship. These are the things one would generally require to create what the human ear receives and the brain interprets as music. But not so for fans of the obscure and infinitely misunderstood genre known as "noise." Nay, for the noise fan, these things only serve to complicate the experience. They need no structure, and harmony disgusts them. Instruments are merely expensive and unnecessary symbols of phallic repression and bourgeois oppression inherent in the pop status quo. If this is you, you may consider showing your antisocial and pasty face around the Rocket Room for the new Bring Your Own Noise (un)happy hour, Tuesdays from 5 p.m. until "they're fed up or the people who actually play instruments come." C'mon, bring the noise!

I'd like to end this week with a humble request for your attendance at Benny's Restaurant and Lounge from 4 to 7 p.m. this Saturday, July 3, in remembrance of David B. Aigner, whose unexpected death has dealt a devastating blow to his family (including his son and my lifelong friend, Joel Aigner) and their tight-knit community. A benefit auction, with live music from Famm Crew, Scott Hires and DJs Chris Landry and Wesley Wayne — easily and absolutely two of Colorado's most ridiculously awesome wax-wielders — will help ease both the financial and spiritual hardship the family is now facing.

Be good, kids. Life is short. Smell you later.

Girls and boys, send news and noise to adam@csindy.com.

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