Terrible news, everybody. For a little while there, I thought that I was going to have to tell you that, well, between my "real" job, and my four dogs and three kids and two cats, and the ol' ball and chain (I mean "better half"!), and my band, and, now, my secret plan to hitchhike to Florida "hobo style," with nothing but a bindle-stick full of defaced nickels and the clothing on my back (more on that another time), I just didn't have the time to properly "make the donuts," so to speak. Yes, I thought it was finally time for me to retire my post atop the gilt ivory tower that is Colorado Springs rock 'n roll journalism.

But nay, neither you nor I should be so lucky! Instead, it looks like I will be biting off an even bigger chunk of the rock 'n roll donut, and will be adding a bit of "blogging," whatever the hell that is, to my repertoire.

And so, with my first of no doubt many belligerent acts of "bloggeration," I'm posting, with commentary, a leaked picture of Lacey and Stacey, the (rumored) promiscuous and (confirmed) gorgeous "Twins" immortalized in song by the Broken Spoke. Hit up the blog at csindy.com, if you think you can handle it!

Now, back to our regular business, or should I say "bidnaz," 'cause that's what they'll be gettin' down to this Saturday night at the Union Station. Like our very own version of "The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince," Maddix Jay will be putting his bidnaz, which just so happens to be retro-glittered electro-dance pop, on the line. Joining in on the dance-floor madness will be the extremely eclectic Epic Weatherman, aka Colin Bovberg, whose genre-bending jams blend techno, ambient, alt/grunge, R&B and maybe even a hint of '50s-style bachelor lounge; the Ankle Biters, an exceptionally acceptable "no-fi" teen-punk power trio; and Heroine and the Heroes, a jazz-band geek ensemble that fuses Modest Mouse-style indie grooves with Man or Astroman?-style "robotica." The show is $5 if you're over 21, and $10 for 18-plus. This is the next wave, here, people. You better get used to it!

Sandwiching the weekend is the Triple Nickel Tavern, with a free "Black Friday" showcase presented by Colorado's most successful indie label, Suburban Home Records, featuring Devon Stuart (from the Takers), Arliss Nancy, Justice James Cleary and Andy Thomas. And then on Sunday, the prodigal son returns, as the club hosts Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real with local favorites Joe Johnson and Tom Evans opening.

In other news, thanks to the talented and hardworking folks behind the Showcase at Studio Bee getting together with the equally dedicated folks at the Pikes Peak Library District, there will now be professionally produced live videos from each of the Studio Bee concerts. Already online are some excellently filmed Austin City Limits-style clips from Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen, Redraw the Farm, Michael Child and Deuce, with more on the way. The showcase, which was designed to give local bands some big experience and promotion, takes a break for the holidays, but will pick up again on Jan. 20 of the new year. Check it all out at pikespeakcenter.com/showcaseatstudiobee.

That's that. Smell you on the inter-web!

Send your breaking news, poignant pics and hobo dreams to adam@csindy.com.


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