Well, kids, this is it. Not only will this be the final Reverb submission of 2010, the year that almost wasn't, but it will be my last submission before heading out onto the wild and lonesome road, in pursuit of my lifelong dream of becoming a bona fide hobo.

Anyhow, like the article said last week, my friend Jim Dziura and I are going to be making a little film about our little hobo nickel hitchhike adventure, and so I will be skipping out on next week's Reverb (and possibly one more, depending on the success of our mission). Don't you worry your pretty little heads, though, I will be back on my throne in no time!

If you care to see us off, remember: You can join us on New Year's Eve at the party we are going to crash at the Ancient Mariner, which will be hosted by my Blank Tape brethren, the Haunted Windchimes, Joe Johnson and the Changing Colors. Now, in contrast to last week's story, but true to the golden rule of the road, it's "gas, grass or ass" (i.e. the show ain't free)! It will, however, as the great American musicologist Scott O'Malley put it, "run less than parking at some concerts," a paltry $10.

Before I ring in the new year with the good people of Manitou, I plan on making a few stops along Colorado Springs' main music drag, Colorado Avenue — our "Sixth Street," if ever we had such a thing!

Working my way downtown, I plan to begin my night with a quick dip into the Triple Nickel for a sip with my hard and heavy doom-peddlers, Matterhorn, who will soon be heading out on a little maiden voyage of their own, a nice winter's jaunt up toward the Great Northeast. They will be joined on New Year's, but not on tour, by one of the town's last politically charged "punk rock" bands, Split Resistance, who after only a year have made quite a noise on the currently suppressed punk scene.

Trudging westerly past a handful or so neon glowing neighborhood taverns, a couple dozen small coffee houses, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and seemingly hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries, we hope to get one last good meal before resigning our stomachs to the fickle fingers of fate. And there is no meal more fitting, in my mind, than a plate of pure Colorado goodness from Front Range Barbeque, along with a nice side of live Colorado country/bluegrass. Personal favorites the Broken Spoke are going to "tap" the proverbial "keg" around 8, with the perennial house-rockers, Grass It Up, taking the stage at 10.

Then it's straight to Manitou for us. But of course, "Colorado" isn't the only "Ave." in town ... be sure to consider the rocking New Year's events at the Black Sheep, Stargazers and Parkway Events Center, and the plethora of ass-shaking parties that are bound to go down on Tejon Street.

Until next year ... smell you later!

Send news, pics and fond farewells to adam@csindy.com.


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