So I go to Austin's SXSW for one week, and suddenly y'all have a ton of stuff going on. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but if we're gonna fit this all into one column, we'd better get to it.

First things first: Depending on what time you're reading this, you may still be able to help Rence Liam, aka Dear Rabbit, fund his They Don't Love the Songs album. Colorado Springs' favorite accordion-wielding indie artist reached the $2,000 goal in his Kickstarter pledge drive earlier this week, but why stop there?

Thing is, you've gotta move quick. Thursday, March 31, at 8:46 p.m. MST, is the cutoff for contributions which, much like public radio pledge drives, earn valuable premiums: $10 gets you a pre-order CD; $15, a vinyl copy plus downloads; $2, a thank-you postcard. High rollers can pledge more for add-on premiums like test pressings, posters and original art by Dave Voth, aka Davoth. (Yes, everyone in this week's column is required to have a pseudonym.)

Kickstarter, by the way, is an online funding mechanism that's enabled thousands of creative types to buy things like studio time and private jets. It's an all-or-nothing proposition, meaning that if fundraising goals aren't reached in the allotted time, no money changes hands (which is why Liam was so nervous last week).

You can also check out new Dear Rabbit tracks at bandcamp.com, featuring non-accordion contributions by Mike Clark, Shawn Stafford, Paul Keen, E.J. Swider, Chris White and Brian Arnot. If you're a fan of DeVotchKa, Tom Waits or Kurt Weill, you'll most likely feel right at home.

On the live front, April 1 is just around the corner, and so is Sunshine Studios' Fools Day Metal Fest. The headliner is South Bronx Paradise, a band that, as the name suggests, hails from Longmont, Colorado. Vocalist Andrew Rodriguez, described in the band's bio as a "big Tonto-looking motherfucker," sings a full octave below most projectile vomiters. Also hitting the spot will be local metallurgists Warrington Station, the Galleon and, of course, Contagion Leukorrhea.

Meanwhile, Chuck Snow and the Lo-Fi Cowboys are at SouthSide Johnny's on March 31. The Springs-based Fuel/Friends blog is presenting an April 4 show at the Triple Nickel featuring the Seedy Seeds, a Cincinnati indie trio whose publicist describes them as "kind of like The Books meets Midlake." (Works for me.) And the aforementioned Galleon will headline the Black Sheep on April 7.

And finally, some breaking news: Heavyweight promoter Peter Ore, a former VP of booking for Live Nation, is coming onboard Soda Jerk Presents, the Denver-based booking agency that owns and operates the Black Sheep. Ore, who started his music career as a security guard at the Bluebird Theater, joined Live Nation after making a name for himself with the independent Nobody in Particular Presents (aka NiPP).

"My analogy is that, at NiPP, I was in my little foxhole with a tin pot on my head and little cap gun trying to fight the Third Panzer Division," he told Marquee Magazine when he first joined Live Nation.

With Ore back in the trenches, maybe it's time for Soda Jerk to launch a new music festival in the wake of Monolith and Mile High. Hey, keep hope alive, right?

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