Last week, we noted that Zodiac was inviting musicians and promoters to participate in a Sunday afternoon "Music Industry Meeting of the Minds," a brainstorming session geared toward keeping momentum going in the Springs music scene's current upswing.

As it turns out, more than 75 local musicians showed up, most of whom had never before seen each other during daylight hours. In fact, there was so much enthusiasm that the club is planning to make it a monthly event. (Look for updates on their event page at on.fb.me/sZbNMo.)

Of course, part of the incentive was the promise that active members of the performing community would receive an "industry card" granting free admission to Zodiac shows. At Sunday's session, club co-owner Gentle Fritz acknowledged that some of her friends thought the cards were a bad idea, since they could potentially cut into the money performers make from the door.

Her counter-argument, which musicians in attendance seemed to support, is that performers will ultimately benefit by getting other musicians to show up and then spread the word about their music. Besides which, she noted, "this is Colorado Springs," a place where folks generally don't go into the arts in order to strike it rich.

Although I'm not a musician, I do think the idea has merit and is something other clubs may want to consider. After all, musicians who are drawn to a show because they can get in for free are also likely to bring some paying customers along with them.

Other ideas batted around included clubs allowing other venues to hand out fliers, starting shows at the advertised time, and getting all the venues in town to agree to charge $3 for all Thursday, Friday and Saturday night shows featuring local bands. That last one sounds pretty tricky, but stranger things have happened. I think.

While there Sunday, I also managed to snag a demo by Kali Spear, a pretty intriguing new side project from Bert Maple of Nicotine Fits and Colonial Excess fame.

Truth is, I haven't listened enough to say much more than that it sounds way more art-damaged and lo-fi than the Nic Fits, but I just figured I'd give you something to be jealous about. Stay tuned for news on upcoming shows.

Finally, here are a few weekend shows you need to know about. On Sunday, the Kiowa Sessions at V Bar will have a great bill featuring Briffaut, the Flumps and Grant Sabin. Briffaut, as you may know, began as Daniel James Eaton's solo project, but is now evolving into a full band that also features Sabin and members of said Flumps.

As for this Friday, look for Drag the River's Chad Price at the Triple Nickel, and Accordion Crimes down the street at Zodiac. While Accordion Crimes don't actually have an accordionist, they do sound a little like El Toro de la Muerte, who's also on the bill.

The show will also mark the much-awaited debut of the Men of Deep Throat, a new "danceable, raw indie rock" band fronted by Mike Stephens. I should probably add that Mike is now going by the name "Firework," and that I have no intention of asking why.

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