I don't know what got slipped into the water supply, but Colorado Springs has been putting out some surprisingly great music videos lately.

First out of the gate was Mike Clark's "Hey Daisy," then Che Bong's "Okay," and now an eye-catching new video for Dave Mansfield's "Joan Your Jett."

Directed by Mansfield and lensed by Pikes Peak Derby Dames founder Courtney Slugs-N-Kisses, the clip is shot in high-contrast black and white, with slick crimson highlights. Its rapid-fire editing, along with the glam-rock posturing of bassist Olieshox and guitarist C Von Los, perfectly conveys the spirit of the NYC punk that Mansfield and company obviously revere.

The video's premiere this month is accompanied by news of a name change from Dave Mansfield and the L.A.M.F's to TheRöxy Süicide. (The umlauts are optional, but the weird spacing isn't.) While the band's previous name came from Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers' 1977 album L.A.M.F. ­— which stood for Like a Mother Fucker, but you knew that — Mansfield says it also proved confusing.

"I don't want to be forever answering the question, 'Is that like LMFAO?'" he explains. "It's not a texting acronym, and I don't want to have to explain the name for the rest of my life. Not to mention, being associated with the C&C Music Factory sound-alike pop band of that very name, is not an asset to my music in any way."

"Joan Your Jett," meanwhile, will be included on TheRöxy Süicide's four-song EP, due out in mid-March. While the track was released as a limited-edition CD single last year, this will be the first time it's available through iTunes and other digital outlets. The band will also be returning to L.A. to play Crüe Fest this summer, after which it'll be releasing a full-length debut album.

Looking ahead on the live music front, fans of Leo Kottke will want to know that, although the legendary guitarist will NOT be playing Jives Coffee Lounge, you can still go there this Saturday to see the next best thing. Much-acclaimed Nashville acoustic guitarist Tom Smith will return to the venue during another swing through town — "I think they are making me a shower and a place to sleep," he jokes — and if intricately beautiful fingerpicking is something you appreciate, you'd be foolish not to go.

Meanwhile, if you've been missing Wrestle With Jimmy, you can see a newly reconstituted version of the band at Gasoline Alley on Sunday. In addition to original members Stu Pray and Bill Ragsdale, WWJ Version 2.0 — or wherever they're at now — features From Slaves to Kings frontman Jason Coahran as well as Sean Pyrtle and Tyler Halsey. Also on Sunday, don't forget V Bar's Kiowa Sessions XXI, where you can catch singer-songwriters Austin Richman, Ryan Braithwaite and Ben Knighten.

One more thing, while I'm thinking of it. During last month's John-Alex Mason scholarship benefit at Shove Chapel, I finally saw Bob Tudor for the first time and, I have to say, he was pretty amazing. The local legend was out in the foyer playing accordion and trombone — at the same time — controlling the latter with a Rube Goldberg-like device he'd built from scratch some 35 years ago. The eclectic musician and his friends perform most every Wednesday at the Margarita at PineCreek, so go have a listen when you get the chance.

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