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Re: “Letters


Does anyone care to consider the real problems and question what is the deeper, more complex situation?

For example, let us not debate how cigarettes are more or less toxic than the modern environment, but how the tobacco companies are a mob-style monopoly with its own private lawyers, which legally kill thousands of people every year--this all permitted by a wonderful "lawful" government. Or how about the fact that there are liquor stores and pubs on almost every street of every city--breeding more alcoholics by the day and assisting the sick habits of those already accustomed. Or how about the fact that the CIA has funded and orchestrated the Cocaine import which has led to the Crack epidemic. What about the fake "war on drugs," mostly toward natural remedies like Marijuana, in which the Feds tell the states what sort of laws they may or may not have. This all utilized by local and state governments in order to enslave millions of Americans into the crooked criminal (in)justice system through fines, imprisonment, probation, revocation of driving liscense and bull shit rehab programs with forced participation and medicating--leading to the destruction of more lives and the dismantling of more families. Further progressed by brainwashed and unaware Americans who's highest priority in life is to sweat and bleed at the dictatorships they call a "job," "earn" fake(fiat) money to be deposited "electronically" into the same place(the Central Bank) where it originated, and at the end of each week hand over the majority or all of that fake money back to the same corporate monopolies(Walmart, R.J Reynolds, Phillip Morris, Chase, Bank of America, Coors, Budweiser, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Proctor & Gamble, Kroger, General(Government) Motors, Honda, Microsoft and Apple--just to name a small few) that dictate and control what they see and hear, and suggest what they "need" to have for a fulfilling existence.

Or let's talk about the tax system in this country. Who cares about what president has exposed what. How about the fact that most, if not all, the "taxes" Americans pay each year--rich or poor--don't at all pay for what we have all been told. If taxes actually contributed to the infrastructure, "community wellfare," and funding of necessary programs, then why is our country falling apart as we speak, all the jobs going overseas, and government and average individuals going farther and farther into debt? These "taxes" go to world banking cartels and the paying off of interest-bearing debts to foreign powers. The money is owned and controlled by the Federal Reserve(Bank of England), the dollar is worthless, a shadow-government and corporate monopolies rule the people, and American manufacturing and business is being eliminated every day--and/or taken control of by government interest. All the while most are giving themselves over to a thorough programming by the lie-ridden media and diseased, bacteria-infested pop-culture. Not many people understand that all ten pillars of the Communist Manifesto have now been fulfilled in this country. How 'bout the Soviet States of America, anybody?

May we get passed these stupid and simple debates over who smokes cigarettes, who shows their tax records, who owns Memorial Hospital, the rights of the homosexuals, which idiot politician we support or not, and the argument about gun rights-which shouldn't even be a debate if you support the Constitution. All of these things are important, but you can't deal with the rushing waters until you "damn" the river.

Has anyone ever heard of manufactured consent? How about consensual enslavement?

Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/27/2012 at 2:53 PM

Re: “Letters




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Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/16/2012 at 4:06 PM

Re: “Letters

Hey Brien,

I can see clearly that they are policing this country fine and well(all in their favor), and it's not anything to be happy about. What they need to do is stop policing altogether--here and in other countries.

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Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/16/2012 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Letters

Bob Wheeler,

You are simply spouting off your foolish anti-gun garbage. I don't believe that the Constitution was meant to give people warm and fuzzy feelings. I don't "feel" it gives me rights to anything, it guarantees my rights! Period!

You do not know about our history enough, and I advise you to actually study it before you send irrelevant and foolish sounding letters to the local paper.

The documents of America, which comprise of the Articles of Confederation, Constitution and Bill of Rights, make it clear that the people were to protect themselves from enemies both foreign and domestic--and this was to be done with a well-informed, properly educated and physically armed population.

Answer this: Who or what is to protect our rights if it is not the type of person I just mentioned? Do you really believe that we are protected by the police? The Feds? How about the banks, insurance companies, and corporations? If you are not protecting you, then who is? Big Government? Obama? Politicians?

You are correct--we don't vote with a gun, or swear in a "public servant" with a gun--we think we vote while the bastards at the top decide who gets in, and they don't give a crap what any of us really want. They put on a stage performance to convince us that these losers are working for us. We don't "obey laws" with a gun, we are forced into multitudes of statutes and codes by policy enforces(police) who all have guns. We don't pay our debtors with a gun, but we all hand over our hard-earned money to theives and robber barrons known as CEO's and banking cartels through mass taxation and willful support. In this age, sometimes it is necessary to "greet" our "neighbors" with a gun. Your last two examples are just to stupid to comment on.

It is not the responsibility of the NRA to help people not be idiots. There are many, many other things destroying common sense and the proper use of this thing or that. Guns and the NRA don't make irrational and careless people; but bad parents, sick pop-culture, a backwards society and lack of proper education does.

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Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/16/2012 at 3:55 PM

Re: “Letters

Mr. Barnes,

I do believe you need to quit being so concerned about kids being exposed to a local newspaper. It is clear that they(and everyone) all have much larger enemies jepordizing the future, such as: modern pop-culture pouring from multiple media sources, deranged sexual influence and overstimulation, destructive drug abuse, poisonous food, and most importantly--a government controlled, half-baked education system training them up to support the Fascist Oligarchy everyone calls the United States.

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Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/16/2012 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Letters


You need something more important to complain about. Do you realize how stupid the concept of a "sister city" is in the first place? Let's focus on the city we live in instead of some faraway place most people have never been to!

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Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/16/2012 at 2:37 PM

Re: “Letters


Don't you know that this is the main agenda across the board--to convert every local economy to the corporate-government giants who want to own every peice of the country and the world? I hope the progress goes in your favor--and mine--because the last thing we need is more of the private local sector going to the control of the corporate-government oligarchy. This continues to be the demise of the USA--just what happened in Russia under the Communist Manifesto.

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Posted by Revolutionary30 on 08/16/2012 at 2:28 PM

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