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Re: “Letters


Thank you for standing in my defence and clarifying things for these people that don't understand fully. Thanks for exposing and expounding further on these liberal elitist crazies who want to promote their agenda throughout the world. It is nice to know that somebody out there understands what I am trying to say, and understands what is truly wrong with everything. Keep up the great work!

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Posted by Revolutionary82 on 05/25/2012 at 1:41 PM

Re: “Letters

Mr. Joss,
It seems that you are another one of those people that took my letter way out of proportion. Or maybe you're the same silly clown that posted comments last week. Whatever the case--my letter said nothing about who is "left" and who is "right"! This is precisely the reason this city, this country and this world are in the terrible state they are. Too many people only care about who is liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, or whatever the hell; and they will take any logical point disclosing a real issue and turn it into a damn political argument. The world isn't defined by CNN or FOX!!! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE!!! Whenever the human race has moved away from it's natural state and relation to the Earth and one-another, and has only been concerned about stupid-ass politics and crap related to it(religion, status, etc.), it has ended in destruction. Think of every failed empire that has existed in history, and understand why they never lasted: because politics, religion, money and status ruined their society! My letter was a simple statement about the change in population of this city over the last 25 years, and too many people not having respect for this place and it's native members because they think that their status gives them a right to act however they please. There was a level of mockery toward said people when I made the comment about the NFL teams--I gave them a dose of their own medicine.

For everyone's information:

1. I have no desire to be head of any bull-shit political agenda.
2. I hate the TSA, so why would I want a version of it in my home town? I also hate the police and would not trust them to rightfully guard the area if their was a real threat.
4. I don't expect anyone to take an oath, I ask them to respect the land and the people that were here first.
5. I like to eat both sides of a chicken.
6. The point of my letter was that I feel as a misfit, so I have nothing against legitimate misfits.
7. I don't give a rats-ass about a minority president; I would just like a president that upholds the original concepts of our forefathers, and isn't about furthering a self-interested agenda, for a change.
8. I only think "straight and narrow" half the time and would never force anyone to think a certain way, because everyone has a mind of their own(except the majority of people in this country who develop their opinions watching t.v.!).

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Posted by Revolutionary82 on 05/17/2012 at 8:26 PM

Re: “Letters

Cranker, as I shall now call you--you are quite persistent, considering that once again, you took my letter way out of context and continue to do so! You have much to learn. Just fine, I really enjoy reading and writing!

How do you criticize my screen name when you have a name like "old crank"? Why would you want everyone to think of you as a complaining old fart? That is definitely not revolutionary! It seems you just have too much idle time on your hands and want to bring up stupid shit like people's screen names. My screen name is what it is because I have always been the type to think and do what many will not. I tend to have a thought process that is honest about many subjects of life and therefore usually offends most people.

You stated it correctly, because revolution and reaction are related. It takes somebody to think or do something outside of the norm in reaction to it, in order to change things and be considered a true revolutionary! True revolutions have never happened because somebody just wanted to start a war! It has been because a person and/or a people have found it necessary to defend themselves against oppressive situations. Revolution is defensive, not offensive. It seems you are somewhat educated yourself, so I am sure you can think of examples throughout history of this very thing. I "react" to people coming here when they show disrespect for my home and the people I have known, considering I never did and never would do that in another place to another people. It is not self-pity, but self-respect for who I am and where I come from. That is just the problem in this country now--most Americans(especially the younger) don't give a crap about their heritage in any manner, because they are too absorbed in the latest and greatest mind-rot that has sickened our society.

I do agree with you that circumstances of birth and where we end up are coincidental, along with life itself and everything it consists of. Yet, how is not being 100% sure of the whys and hows of our origins and purpose, a reason to not have any standards or principles? Furthermore, for your information, I am not one of the cliché types that has bumper stickers, clothing or anything else for that matter, promoting what I think. I never have been! I believe what I do, and people can agree or not--and I do believe everyone is entitled to their own. I am not talking about being delusional and putting significance on pointless crap! I am, once again, talking about people of different cultures coming from different places, having respect for one another. It has nothing to do with status!

I made the comments about the greedy bankers and corrupt politicians because you mentioned the reality of the declining state of our country and the lack of progress. This is purely the fault of these said people, along with religious and educational institutions, many forms of government and military, corporations and the media. The change and the growth has been happening since the dawn of the universe, but in regards to this country it has been mostly for the advancement of the elites running over everyone else. Standard of living? The fact is that the only standard of living that really exists any more is the standard of the rich and powerful, more so now than ever in history. The regular working class people are being driven into full poverty and extreme measures for survival by the day.

You are completely right-on with the explanation of who has ruined Colorado over the decades, except you continue to forget about all of the "foreign" people with their "foreign" interests who continue the trend which started in the days of the pioneers. The only problem now is that even the Colorado natives are selling the place out to bull-shit!

I do NOT down you or anyone for coming here and deciding to stay. The climate and scenery are great, not so much the cost of living! I have been considering going farther west for a while now and would want others elsewhere to accept my presence, but I would not disrespect them and expect them to just deal with it because "native people and culture don't matter". Well, it does matter, along with many things--and when it doesn't matter to enough people any more, I consider saying and doing what needs to be said and done to change that, which makes me a true Revolutionary!!!

P.S. I did not expect this sort of discourse from my letter, but it is nice to know I am not the only one thinking! I guess you opened a "can of worms"--not usually a short-lived thing with me!

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Posted by Revolutionary82 on 05/11/2012 at 8:19 PM

Re: “Letters

Mr. Old Crank, you missed the very point of my letter. It was not about talking down progress and telling people they couldn't live where they prefer, even if it's completely not where they are from. I also made it clear that the growth has happened all over. It has been on a decline over the last few years because the politicians and bankers have ruined the WHOLE COUNTRY! I realize this and should have mentioned it in the letter. Maybe this one is a bit overdue(I intended on writing it years ago, but was busy EXPLORING OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD!) It is cold of you to say I am a "crying native", I bet you yourself are not from anywhere near hear! You are comparable to the type that ran the Native Americans of this land in the 18th - 20th centuries.You also have no clue about my educational and professional background; how stupid of you to make those comments! You need to get your "facts of life" straight. You are just the type I speak of - disrespectful of a local area and culture because you think you have entitlement, and apparently lots of money to go where you want and do whatever you want to do there. You mentioned Washington State twice, so may I assume you are from there? Then go back if this place isn't "booming" enough for you.

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Posted by Revolutionary82 on 05/10/2012 at 1:43 PM

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