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Re: “Soldiers' advocates take to court to fight Carson ban

For those who are reading this and think that a DUI is relatively minor , keep in mind , most employees of a company would NOT be fired over this conviction and as a wise judge once said in a case I was working , " but for the grace of God , go I " . These mentally wounded Soldiers often try to suppress their symptoms hoping to stay in their jobs but unfortunately like all coping mechanisms they eventually fail . Given all the symptoms of PTSD , substance abuse is the more common one and punishment is called for and the courts apply it ... why then strip this sick broken patriot of the care we owe them ??

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Posted by rob on 05/27/2014 at 6:39 AM

Re: “Flying solo

Fact : Hypersexuality is a symptom identified with many Bipolar individuals and is listed in the current DSM as a symptom . John H ... one point

Fact : The Colorado appeals court overturned the child support issue for several reasons , one , the Judge in this case cited facts and evidence that were not true , never any part of any record and just plain and simple lies ... Made up facts . Score : two points for John H

Fact : the Colorado Appeals court cited a well known case known as "Martinez " , which clearly articulates what is considered reasons for imputing and on what parameters a judge can impute . This judge has a "bent of mind " and has failed to follow any law , has made up evidence , sent a man to jail illegally by not following the courts rules , and failed for 28 days after being told by a superior Judge to release him to follow the law . I 'm not a fortune teller or a rocket scientist ... but I conclude the judge is either completely incompetent or as I suspect ... biased like many of the people who have commented in this case . Score , hell three more points here .
Fact : Just like in this contempt case , the wife and the government could have hired their own experts to rebutt all of McKenzie's experts ... they could not find anyone who would or could dispute the facts , sadly even the Airforce's judge showed extreme prejudice after all of the experts concluded he acted as is expected behavior for someone with his particular mental illness who was intentionally undermedicated by his doctors for reasons that defy all logic and point to something very sinister . Hell , do I still need to add up all the points here ??
Grant has a wonderful wife , who has also undergone sex offender specific training by an expert on how to supervise sex offenders with children and she will always be there to supervise them . Another point .
Hell LAW , ya need to beat another horse , this one is long been beaten to death by you . This guy and his children desereve to normalize their lives now that he has been medically stabilized , has a proper chaperone , has a long history of NON OFFENDING and is making every effort to create a stream of income to support his children . CHILDREN NEED BOTH PARENTS !!! The sad fact you miss is these kids love their Dad and need him in their lives .
Lastly , the system is broken and many a good man has gone underground because of the inequities of judges like Evelyn Sullivan , she brings dishonor to the Robe and should be disrobed . The ability to pay child support is NO WAY AN INDICATION OF PARENTING , not when the individual is disabled like Grant . Their are 54 million unemployed disabled in this country today ... maybe the courts have destroyed many of these families by driving these disabled parents underground and just maybe this is one of the reasons we have so many misguided youths today . Hate is not a family value and LAW , you seem to spew lot's of it .

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Posted by rob on 04/17/2011 at 8:30 AM

Re: “Flying solo

John H , not exactly . Bipolars hate the side effects of medications ... and they are significant and awful for most . Once stabilized , Bipolars often believe they are fine , and they are due to the medicine , unfortunately they mistake their wellness as proof they are not Bipolar and believe they are no longer needing those powerful meds with terrible side effects . Sometimes the medications lose efficacy due to metabolic changes in the brain , leading to a relapse in symptoms but can be quickly remedied with good medical care and supervision . That being said , there is a percentage that do enjoy ( just like any population sample , there will be addicted individuals ) the manic moods much like individuals on crack , ice , meth etc . Just as someone who becomes addicted to the sensation of the mania induced by drugs , the same effect can be induced by an individual with Bipolar disorder liking the mania even multiplied with amphetamines . Again , every Bi[olar experiences differing degrees of symptoms and behaviors , you can NOT set one person as an example of what is normal for this population , only representative of some of the varying degrees of the disease . We can get another thousand Bipolars to come out and criticize another Bipolars behavior as irresponsible ... just because you have the disease , you don't become an expert on it , only an expert on how it affects you personally . So best of luck with YOUR symptoms .

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Posted by rob on 04/05/2011 at 11:12 AM

Re: “Flying solo

Bi Polar symptoms manifest themselves differently in each individual and in differing degrees of severity .... Unmedicated Bi Polars can have huge swings in mood and behavior , the deciding factor is how well the individual responds to the medication and the disease. Every case is unique to that individual . Work , social skills and interpersonal skills can be affected separately and differently . Ex : there are Bipolar individuals who have successful careers , yet fail miserably in relationships and vice versus . This is why only those who love or care for a Bipolar , can judge their strengths and weaknesses , not those in the peanut gallery .

Posted by rob on 04/03/2011 at 9:57 AM

Re: “Flying solo

What Grant did was a sex offense and a misdemeanor under the law . Rarely do these low level cases result in imprisonment , however the military tribunals are much harsher . Point here that seems to be overlooked is he PAID his debt and has every right to have full access and parenting to his children . The PRA supports the SOMB supports this and the law supports it . Children need both parents , these awful attorneys who turn parents into mortal enemies should be disbarred . I have looked into the eyes of hiedi's attorney and all I've ever seen is hate spewing , sad , cause at the end of the day , these kids lose . There"s not one shred of evidence that Grant is a danger to his own kids and in fact that is extremely rare even for "fixated pedophiles " to assault their own children . The other absurdity is that statement that we must pre-emptively protect these children . Soo , all someone has to do is state a fear and the parent could be stripped of their parental rights ??? I guess we should protect from every risk in the world and place them in a bubble . BTW , Mr Alvarez was never paid one cent for his work on this case or the hundreds of cases he has worked on throughout his career , he only takes cases he feels compelled to after reading all of the available information , meets with the individual and their family and if additional testing or evaluations are required are completed . Then , after reviewing all the evidence , deems the individual is being victimized by the process or system ... does he agree to donate his time and expertise . Ya see there are good people who do not sit idle by allowing the system to destroy lives as we know , all evil needs to be victorious is ... for good men to do nothing . Enough is enough , let Grant normalize his life and allow his family to move on . For those who point out the amount of money Grant's family has spent , I'd venture to say the ex is in the same boat , indicating perhaps she has the money to support this child without assistance from Grant and we know who has been paying Grant's child support .

Posted by rob on 03/28/2011 at 8:13 AM

Re: “Flying solo

No NOT FACTS , they would get in the way of the ignorant who simply want to throw stones !! Grant's not defending himself because he has taken accountability for his actions ... and paid his debt , it is us sane and educated folks who have seen enough torture to this man who have stood up to speak for him . But how many times must he pay it ???? He served his time , took his exams , his classes and now simply wants to be allowed to parent his child like everyone else . His new wife whom i might add is a Saint for standing by a good man who made a bad mistake ( while his brain was genetically misfiring and malfunctioning ) , and who desperately asked the doctors for help and who was repeatedly undertreated to keep his brilliant mind available to the Air force . Again , Grant once PROPERLY diagnosed , PROPERLY medicated , has NEVER reoffended again . The judge F up TWICE and other judges had to intervene , not to mention that the judge was ordered by Judge Martinez to release Grant and Judge Sullivan Hernandez waited 28 ADDITIONAL DAYS to release that man , I'd like to ask her if that were her son or daughter ... how would she feel ??These are the facts . All of you who can't seem to understand these facts are as guilty as those who lynched or stoned people to death back at Salem . Haven't you guys learned anything other than those crowd chants ... KILL EM , KILL EM . I can almost see the chariot rolling into the collusium in Rome on beautiful sunny day and one of you clowns pulling the lever releasing the lions on ... OH my GOD ... Christians !!!! As you all cheer away !!! Then let's join the Germans at auschitz where all they wanted to do was bathe those evil Jews ... after all they deserved it too .

Posted by rob on 03/27/2011 at 7:31 AM

Re: “Flying solo

Mr Mckenzie in NOT a registered sex offender and yes the Mckenzie family , when faced with a more than doubling of GHrant's child support , were faced with a tactical decision of fighting to make child support reasonable so their son wouldn't be incarcerated vs paying an ungodly amount that they could not sustain . Simple , and pragmatic ! Never mind the ex is remarried and living quite comfortably . Child support is suppose to be based on each parties ability to pay based on a ratio , paying more doesn't make you better or worse , just indicates your ability to pay . Furthermore , what i more important than the amount of money a person pays ... is the amount of love and parenting one has to give . Inspite of all of the critics here , Grant is rich when it comes to these commodities . It's old school entitlement thinking , if the ex wife makes more , so then the greater of the burden financially she shall bear ... it's meant to equalize the burden to each parent , not a sign of parenting .

Posted by rob on 03/26/2011 at 6:04 PM

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