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Re: “Letters

Thomas McCullock, there is nothing wrong with CSPD. They handled the case just like every other police department around the country does with a death of this nature. They ruled it a death of undertmined origin and they left the cause of death to be determined by the coroner. If you would have read the police blotter, you would have known that.

Also, it has nothing to do with the persons disability. There are no facts to support that accusation whatsoever.

Posted by Robert F on 09/03/2012 at 2:24 AM

Re: “Testing patience

This article doesn't mention that to take the road test you have to call a month in advance and schedule an appointment. Then you still have to wait 2-3 hours at the testing site.

As far as poor being a choice. It is and I am living proof of that. I was born a dirt poor farmers child. I lost my mother to alcoholism and my father to prison and became homeless as a teen. It was through hard work, and wise choices that I now am on the upper end of the middle class. Just because it isn't easy doesn't mean it isn't possible.
Make wise choices in your life, stay off drugs and alcohol, don't have children while still being a child yourself, don't lie/cheat/steal and you can and will succeed in taking yourself out of your social class and lifting yourself up. Do all those things and end up living in a bed bug infested hole off of Fountain and Chelton...your choice.

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Posted by Robert F on 07/31/2012 at 11:45 PM

Re: “Letters

I don't know what Colorado Springs you live in, but I find people here very friendly. I have moved around and lived in cities such as Berlin, St Louis, Austin and Houston. I have traveled to Mexico City, Paris, London, San Francisco, Las Angeles, New York, and many more. All in all, Colorado Springs is a very friendly place. Maybe it is you that is putting off the "don't mess with me" vibe?

Last Christmas when the economy was at it's worst, people were losing their jobs, homeless people were camped in the creeks, and things generaly looked to be grim. I watched thousands show up with toys for needy children, saw people come in droves with supplies for the homeless, watched food banks serve meals to anyone who wanted them.

The people of Colorado Springs made those things happen.

I hope I pass you on the street and you smile at me. I will smile back, nod my head and possibly say hello.

Posted by Robert F on 05/24/2010 at 10:26 AM

Re: “Is the city too generous?

you folks do realize that it only takes one large claim in a year to throw the entire system out of ballance. Say a police officer has to have spinal surgery as a result of getting hit by a car while pulling a traffic stop. That surgery alone can cost $100,000. Not to mention physical therapy and so on.

Posted by Robert F on 05/23/2010 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Welcome to Obamaville?

On Friday December 18th, my family and I decided to enjoy dinner out at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant on S. 8Th street. Being that it was a Friday evening, the wait was substantial. We were waiting for over an hour, so we decided to browse the Hobby Lobby and Office Depot stores nearby.

Outside of the Hobby Lobby was a very friendly homeless man. He was a little disheveled, but not utterly unpleasant smelling nor unkempt as many seem to be. He asked me if I could spare a dollar for a cup of coffee. I don’t carry cash, so I apologized and said no.

After we were finished with our window shopping, we headed back to the Texas Roadhouse. The wait was a little longer than was anticipated, so we were standing outside. Though I am trying to quit, I am still a smoker. I was having one of my rationed cigarettes and the same gentleman came up to me, again asking for money. When I explained to him that I had already told him that I didn’t have any cash, he asked for a cigarette. I told him that the one I was smoking was my last. He looked dejected and said to me that he was hungry and that I was obviously lying.

I asked him if that were true, if he was truly hungry. He said “I wouldn’t be out here in the cold, begging people for money, if I didn’t have to”. I began to feel a little guilty, because the conversation was getting a bit confrontational. So I apologized and I said to him that if he wanted, I would have him come into the restaurant with us, and I would gladly buy him a meal. He wanted a dollar and I was offering to spend fifteen.

His response shocked me. He said to me “Mr. you really don’t get it. I get plenty to eat for free, what I really need is the money”. I said, that a minute ago you were hungry and that was your excuse for begging, but now all of the sudden your not and just need money? I then asked him to be honest and tell me what he wanted the money for. His reply, “booze and smokes and maybe a room”. I respected his honesty, so I went to my car and dumped out the change I had in my ash tray into his hand and said happy Christmas. The change I gave him was probably not even a dollar. But it was all I had.

The reason I was willing to give him anything? Honesty.

That night, as I was waiting for my table, I saw this man hit up about 50 people. About half gave him something. From what I saw, he was collecting anywhere between .25 and a dollar on average with one person giving him a $5 bill. So let’s say for argument sake that he gets .75 cents on average per person. That’s comes out to over $37 an hour…

These motivated panhandlers are making more than I make. They pay no income taxes and get free meals and clothes. That makes me wonder, are many of these panhandlers even homeless? Or are they opportunists, taking advantage of peoples generosity?

Posted by Robert F on 12/22/2009 at 8:57 AM

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