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As the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut approached last week, we learned of another school shooting here in Colorado.

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Richard Thompson of Manitou Springs is unemployed

What were your first thoughts when you heard about the shooting at Arapahoe High School? Here it is again. I had some curiosity about the details, but usually the story's the same. It's the same story over and over, and people feel like there's nothing they can do to change it.

So how can we change it? Well, it's not guns or lack of guns, or availability of guns. We just keep trying different medicines for the illness. I think you have to look at who pulled the trigger and why; the problem is there was a person who was acting out.

What do you think causes people to act out? I think people identify too much with their feelings. We need to realize that feelings are temporary and passing.

Do you think this will continue? Yes, as long as we don't understand who we are. We are all just unaware, and so we act out of fear.

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Kristen Leach of Village Seven is an administrative assistant

What was your first reaction when you heard about the Arapahoe school shooting? Mostly, I was shocked, and my heart felt pain. It reminded me of how messy this world is.

How can we become less messy? For me, it's by extending the love I've received from Jesus Christ and trusting and hoping that things will get better.

Are guns to blame or is society to blame? I think sin is to blame. We need to learn how to share our goodness, and this time of year is perfect for that. To share what we have and to let others into our lives. We don't have to be spectators.

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John Brewer of the central area is in manufacturing

What was your first thought when you heard about the Arapahoe shooting? Again? What's in the water in Colorado?

What do you think is causing the shootings, not just here, but around the U.S.? Crazy people.

So, what's making people crazy? If I knew that, we wouldn't be crazy anymore.

Do you think guns are to blame? No. But access could be restricted a little bit more, close some loopholes and maybe better background checks. I'm a strong Second Amendment supporter, but the system is broken.

Do you think this type of violence will this continue? Yes, I think there will be more of the same until the eradication of humans on the planet.

Why do you feel that way? In America, individualism is touted so highly that it breeds divisiveness. It's us versus them.

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