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Re: “Strawberry Fields legal battle ends, Broadmoor and City prevail

"Strawberry Fields legal battle ends, Broadmoor and City prevail"

How about:
"Strawberry Fields legal battle ends, The people of Colorado Springs, who fought hard to save a beloved public park, LOSE."

Aren't our elected officials supposed to protect our land, our parks?

(Oh, yes, it's a different era, one of insatiable greed. Will this be enough "Colorado Springs treasure" for you, Mr. Anschutz?)

Congratulations, "City," and "Broadmoor" on your great victory!

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 09/26/2018 at 8:36 PM

Re: “Air Force Academy Visitors Center project termed "a tremendous gift"

P. S. I was also once a big supporter of Skorman. The last year has opened my eyes (and not with just this issue). I am absolutely disgusted.

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 07/13/2018 at 9:13 AM

Re: “Air Force Academy Visitors Center project termed "a tremendous gift"

Anschutz and USOC and Developers OWN COLORADO SPRINGS. We are just the slaves now. They are draining us all for their tax benefits. Oh, and now I can see another advantage to the recent ordinance on Airbnbs. We don't want to have any competition with those new hotels we're going to be subsidizing!

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 07/13/2018 at 9:11 AM

Re: “City scrambles to absorb thousands of sightseers after Cog Railway closure

Wouldn't it be great if someone actually did some investigative journalism and found out what's really going on here? Instead of just, well, they said this, but it doesn't quite make sense, and it's going to suck not having the Cog Railway, but . . . who knows?? Maybe if some calls were made and questions were asked a real piece of journalism could be presented, showing the who, what, and, most importantly, WHY. The public deserves to know! I know this is about a billionaire and his power over this city, but COME ON!

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 04/05/2018 at 8:39 PM

Re: “Springs adopts Olympic City USA, but can it weather sexual assault controversy?

It's an . . . uncomfortable position, to say the least (especially after the article ends with such a moving story!) to be the first one to comment and say it's a terrible idea for our city to have the branding "Olympic City", but I have the nerve and here are some reasons. And I believe many thousands of Colorado Springs taxpayers would agree:

1. We ALREADY HAD great branding! PIKES PEAK and GARDEN OF THE GODS. That seemed to work quite well--for over a century. What's worse, the taxpaying citizens never had a voice in this branding decision. I, for one, don't think any city should have corporate branding, ever. It sullies us (and we're seeing that now with the scandals).

2. We can't afford it. Taxpayers have had no voice in the spending of many millions of tax dollars in setting up this "deal". If we did, I think the majority of us would have voted "No." We're spending more and more money on this and no jobs are coming in. It's been a losing proposition, for years.

3. Scandal after scandal after scandal. Athletes getting caught drugging (Lance Armstrong being the biggest name in recent years) and now we've seen the horrific child sexual abuse that lasted for three decades and was ignored by officials or swept under the rug! How disrespectful to all women is it that "Olympic City" has not even made a public statement? Oh, but let's move on, forget anything criminal happened, and, to help sweep it all under the rug, let's make the kids at all our schools be the cheerleaders for the Olympics with an Olympic curriculum this May/June!

4. It's taking the attention and money away from real problems in our city. This "branding" is directly related to the new bicycle lanes everywhere that some people are not so happy with. Still, our city makes them a major priority. (This is at a time when we have problems with traffic, infrastructure, the homeless, and garbage everywhere on major streets, just to name a few issues.) Once again, it's not about the people of Colorado Springs, it's about "Olympic City". These new bike lanes are for recreational purposes and, I'm guessing, training purposes, not for getting people to jobs to feed their families and pay the bills. Recreational bicycling is a good thing, bicycling to work is a better (and very rare) thing, and what would be even better in this spread-out-city would be . . . a great public transportation system.

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 04/02/2018 at 9:16 AM

Re: “Olympic values as a school curriculum

Olympic values? One must be the "value" of being born into a lot of money, because you have to be upper middle class, at minimum, to afford to be an Olympic athlete. How many of our school children fit into that category? How many have parents who could spend that time and money taking their children to training for many years? Probably the last one in that category who made it to the Olympics was Tanya Harding, and you can watch the movie to see how things turned out for her. The Olympic club is an exclusive club, with many (many!) problems, including ignoring sexual assault of CHILDREN for decades--but let's push that under the rug--because Colorado Springs, a.k.a. "Olympic City"(not a name the people chose), needs its little cheerleaders!

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 04/02/2018 at 7:41 AM

Re: “Water restrictions unlikely in Colorado Springs

Yes, and I'm sure it's going to stay this way with lots of water available (in spite of the scientific evidence of the opposite), so let's not consider global warming, drought, or the water restrictions we've had in the past, or places like Capetown, South Africa where millions are facing "Day Zero" (ZERO WATER). Let's just move FULL SPEED AHEAD with more and more development and no plans to conserve any resources. Hooray Banning Lewis Ranch, let's bring in thousands and thousands of more thirsty residents! Let the future taxpayers and their children and grandchildren worry about water problems. Everything's just fine, for now.

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Posted by Sandra Knauf on 03/27/2018 at 1:30 PM

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