Sativa-dominant White Buffalo is a harsh thing 

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  • Brandon Soderberg
OK so White Buffalo is a strain that actually has a kind of cool name for once. The likely Native American appropriation aside (see, some people say this is called White Buffalo because it’s a rare strain and therefore, it’s like the Native American belief that a buffalo with white fur is sacred and significant), White Buffalo’s name is evocative and fitting: intense, terrifying, maybe a little comforting, rarefied and just, well, big. It also sounds like the name of a doom metal band. Or one of those bands on the road to doom metal like Leaf Hound or Hawkwind.

Hell, there’s even an early-’70s crunchy riffy rock group of Australian idiot howlers named Buffalo. There is also that really bonkers ‘70s western White Buffalo where Charles Bronson plays Wild Bill Hickok (wearing these steampunk goggles for some reason?) who had a dream about a white buffalo and spends the movie on a Moby Dick-like hunt for one to kill along with Crazy Horse, whose daughter was killed by a white buffalo. Not a bad bunch of associations for a crafty, Sativa-dominant strain made up of three other strains.

Highly recommended for those of you who don’t usually like Sativas, this mix of Romulan (“a strain with an edge that has some of the darkness to it, a certain kind of steely pain-relieving menace that can consume you,” as I said in a previous review) and a hybrid of Blackberry Kush (“You’ll feel happy in a way that’s embarrassing, amused in a way that’s distracting, and very hungry and pretty sleepy”) and Bay 11 (a Sativa I’ve not experienced before) is harsh.

It grabs your throat when you inhale and stings and may get you coughing in that depleting, invigorating way. And White Buffalo like, hates being a joint. Similar to the way it seems to indelicately dash down your throat, it has a tendency to not so much burn as ignite. I was happy the joint I rolled had a filter because the whole paper was hot to touch after just one or two puffs. With a bowl though, I found it was not as immediately fierce and the end results were the same, they just took longer to hit.

I sat back and my mind started going and I felt a weird kind of excitement — it was somewhere between bored by everything and invigorated by everything to the point of distraction. At the same time, it burrowed deep in my body — especially in the legs — and pinned me down, pushing me into the couch (which to me is the most identifying quality of “in da couch”-style Indica, Blackberry Kush). I was engaged, droopy, slit-eyed and circumspect.

Strength: 8
Euphoria: 9
Existential dread: 1
Freaking out when a crazy person approaches you: 0
Nose: Gummy candy from the gas station
Drink pairing: A White Russian
Music pairing: Buffalo’s Volcanic Rock
Rating: 8


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