Sauerbraten Sandwich with Sauerkraut and Bristol Beehive Honey Wheat Mustard 

The Meat Locker Delicatessen

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For mustard:

1 c. yellow mustard seeds

¼ c. brown mustard seeds

16 oz. Bristol Beehive Honey Wheat

2 c. malt vinegar

4 tbsp. sugar

6 tbsp. honey

salt, to taste

For sauerbraten:

4 lbs. beef eye of round

vegetable oil

salt and pepper to taste

For brine:

3 c. chopped onion

¾ c. brown sugar

¼ c. salt

¼ c. crushed black pepper

2 oz. fresh ginger

10 whole cloves garlic

2 tbsp. whole allspice

10 crushed juniper berries

4 bay leaves

1 tsp. mustard seed

22/3 c. red wine vinegar

1 qt. ice (for cooling later)


For mustard:

Place mustard seeds and Beehive in a plastic bowl and let soak in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, combine mustard and beer with the rest of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Then pour back into the plastic bowl and let it open up at room temperature for 30 minutes, adjust seasoning to your taste if needed. (Note the mustard will be extremely hot and spicy right out of the blender; the resting time will mellow the effect of this, and therefore it's a step that should not be skipped.)

For sauerbraten:

Combine all ingredients (minus the ice) for the brine, mix well, and set aside. Remove any excess surface fat or silver skin from your beef, and pat it dry. Rub beef with vegetable oil and season the entire piece generously with salt and pepper. Sear the meat on all sides, giving it a nice crust but not cooking it through, approximately 2 to 3 minutes per side. Remove and place in a large non-reactive dish.

Pour the brine ingredients into the same pan that you used to sear the meat, and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 3 to 5 minutes stirring often to dissolve any sugar and to keep it from burning to the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and pour over the ice. Once the brine has returned to room temperature, pour over your beef and place in the refrigerator overnight. Once it has rested, it can be sliced and served hot or cold.

For sandwich assembly:

Using a Kaiser roll or similar bread, spread mustard on both sides of the bread and then layer with sauerbraten. About 4 to 5 slices should be appropriate. Top with your favorite sauerkraut, and enjoy.


Sauerbraten is a dish that originates in Germany, and literally translates to sour roast. This recipe has been very popular at the Meat Locker. People love the mustard, and pairing it with the beef really accentuates the flavor profiles at work in the two items. The brine — which incorporates juniper berries, gin's base flavoring, to add a second alcohol-like element to the dish —makes the meat slightly sweet with some acidic undertones. The mustard is full-flavored from the beer with a little spice. The sandwich goes great with a side of German potato salad, and of course, a nice cold Beehive.

— Submitted by chef/general manager Mark Henry


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