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There was a time when holiday movies were sincere, formulaic and sentimental. Nowadays they tend toward nearly slapstick portrayals of family mayhem and things gone awry.

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Bill Gray
Peterson AFB area


It's Christmas Eve, and you're snowed in. What movie do you watch? Love Actually it's a little corny, but it's a fun, lighthearted, romantic comedy.

Name the most overrated holiday movie. I'm not real big on Miracle on 34th Street. It's kind of dated.

What is the most overrated holiday? Christmas is overblown not in terms of its meaning, just that it's too busy. I don't look all that forward to it.

Which holiday is underappreciated? Memorial Day. We've pretty much lost sight of its meaning.

What holiday movie do you wish your life resembled? Something like Around the World In Eighty Days, where you stay on the move, going from adventure to adventure.

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Curt Cannings
Academy & Vickers

Student, Army Reservist

Name an over-hyped holiday movie. Home Alone. It was OK the first time, but the more it's shown, the more annoying it gets.

What holiday flick most resembles your kid experience? A Christmas Story, because it's about a kid wanting something so badly. I really, really wanted a bike each Christmas, but my parents couldn't afford one 'til years later.

What's the most overrated holiday? Easter. People make a lot of hoopla about it, but I'm a single guy without kids. I see nothing that special about it.

Which is most undervalued? Veterans Day. We claim to appreciate what the military does, but I'm not seeing it.

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Joan Grant
Mountain Shadows

Retired teacher

What's the ideal movie on a snowy Christmas Eve? [How the Grinch Stole Christmas]. It returns us to the real meaning of Christmas not the gifts, but the family togetherness, the warmth of the season, the fireplace, hot chocolate shared with friends.

Name an underrated holiday movie. Miracle on 34th Street. It's a wonderful story that was great in its day, but people have forgotten it.

Which holiday movie most resembles your childhood experience? Few do because I grew up in Santa Barbara beach country. The one that comes closest is probably the one with the kid who wants the BB gun so badly. I always got girlie things for Christmas, but I wanted the cooler, more adventurous, outdoors things that my brother got.


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