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Why hello, the name’s Sean Ostrow. I’m a local musician, bartender/door guy and promoter, born and raised in Colorado Springs. I’m a founding member of the Flux Capacitor, and work and promote at the Triple Nickel and The Zodiac. My musical projects are Saustro, Alone, Blighter, and Night of the Living Shred. I’m a huge supporter of the Colorado Springs music scene and so proud to be a part of it!

Essential Saturday night listening: STUCK by Nickelus F. On Saturday night I like to jam some hip-hop at the trillest level I can. This album brings everything: super hyped-up beats to start the party, to deep lyrics that will chill the night out for you. Whatever mood you’re in, Nickelus F will deliver. My go-to songs would be “Trill Burr,” “That’s Fact” and “King Soulja.”

Essential Sunday morning listening: Ribbons by Bibio. This album is by far my favorite album of 2019. It ranges from a neofolk-electronic vibe all the way to a pure ambient; he throws some funk in there every once in a while, too. I found Bibio while looking for new releases on allmusic.com as I do every Friday, then shortly realized I’ve liked him for a while knowing he is on Warp Records. If you’re not familiar, Warp Records is an amazing electronica label releasing acts such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Squarepusher. This album is filled with a great feeling of new seasons and new beginnings. Perfect for a Sunday morning with the fam or your hungover self. Highlight tracks are “Curls,” “Ode to a Nuthatch” and “It’s Your Bones.”

First record I bought with my own money: Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt at Best Buy. That album is still a classic and a regular listen for me! But if you’re talking records which I have a severe addiction to, the first record I ever received was a Blind Illusion album my brother got for me from Mosh Pit Records (R.I.P.). This band is Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde from Primus, and it’s total crushing thrash! I didn’t have a record player at the time, so I framed it and shined a light on it... now it’s totally warped. What a dummy, but a good memory.

“Wish I’d written that” song: “Odyssey” By Horisont. The title says everything. It’s an epic, 11-minute song of adventure and story that was released in 2015, but sounds like it came from the 1970s. With shredding guitar riffs, killer solos and, of course, synth that will bring you back to the early years. The song has many prog roots such as Rush and Yes, but is truly its own.

My latest online discovery: I’m always finding new music online, which is seriously my favorite thing ever! One artist that I have become obsessed with is Tierra Whack. I randomly found her video for "Whack World" in a Fake Four Records group I belong to, and became so obsessed. It’s a 15-minute video compiled of 15 one-minute songs with different videos for every one, all directed and written by Tierra Whack. Seeing originality and hard work put into music is very rare and awesome to see, and Tierra has so much talent and variety it’s amazing. Started as a Philly battle rapper, but has grown into the next big thing to come for hip-hop and R&B. I also have been nonstop with Mount Kimbie since they’ve been popping up on some stations.

Artist more people should know about: Mizmor from Oregon should get extra notice. Mizmor is a crushing one-man black metal band with lots of doom and funeral doom influence. This band is so incredible and hits feelings that many can’t. Depression is a very serious and epidemic thing I feel that everyone goes through. Everyone deals with it differently, but I deal with it by listening to music that captures the very emptiness I’m feeling and embracing it, and Mizmor hits it on the spot. His new album, Cairn, just came out, and I would suggest everyone who’s into heavy music check it out. Another band that has been crushing it is Vastum. Top-notch new death metal from Oakland that delivers on all levels. Super brutal, heavy, and way original for new age death metal. Had to put some metal in here, although I’ve been jamming all different types lately.

Guilty pleasure: I like to say I have no guilt for anything I listen to, but I would say I don’t announce all the super-poppy stuff I listen to. So my guilty pleasure would probably be Dua Lipa. This daddy’s body can not deny the dance, and Dua gets me moving! Super catchy; I always fall for the formula. She also brings me back to ’90s dance, which is my fave. Top tracks: “Electricity” and “New Rules.”


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