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Sixty Seconds with John Vesely

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Indy: Your first album, Awake, was an acoustic solo album that attracted a fervent fan base. Did you have concerns about how to follow up?

JV: Awake was a very simple album, but at that point it was established with my fan base as being something very, very special. ... So the challenge for me was making an album that had that same feeling, that wasn't a step down from that.

Indy: With that aforementioned follow-up album, A Twist in My Story, you chose to record with a full band. What issues did that decision create in trying to make the album work as a successor to Awake?

JV: [I wondered] how I was going to format the album, how I was going to mix the acoustic with the full band, and how I was going to execute that. Was I going to do half the songs acoustic and half the songs full-band? How would I mix it in without it sounding like it didn't belong? I was struggling with that for a lot of the recording process, and sometimes I felt very lost going about it. But it eventually came to be what it is.

Indy: The full-band approach works on A Twist in My Story, and now you're touring with a band. How do you like this format live?

JV: Hearing it live every night, it's so intense because I'm playing all these different songs, like from the most intimate acoustic songs to these huge, epic rock ballads. It's a great thing for me to kind of experience that. And the dynamic is really intense. It's such a wide array of sounds.

At the Black Sheep, Friday, Aug. 22.


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