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Double standard

Do basic traffic rules not apply to Señor Manuel's diners?

Within the course of a mere couple of hours I witnessed at least a half-dozen cars stopped blocking traffic to make an illegal turn to get to this restaurant on North Nevada Avenue. Nearly half of those were stopped in oncoming traffic.

Why isn't there a barrier there? It's obvious that double-yellow lines mean nothing to these people.

There are other safer and legal options to reach the destination. North Nevada is no longer a sleepy four-lane with nothing more than that restaurant to offer. Why aren't these misguided diners more concerned for their own safety? Obviously the safety and time of those they so callously endanger mean nothing to them.

— Ed Kellock

Colorado Springs

Direct impact

Mayor John Suthers, it's terribly hard for me to write this letter. I voted for you. I put my trust in you, in your judgment and I feel betrayed.

I am a survivor of a brain tumor that has left me physically impaired. I walk my dogs every day at Strawberry Fields. There is a lovely path, manageable for me. On good days I walk through Strawberry Fields, stand on top of that hill and think, this is what I fought for, I feel beauty and strength run through my veins.

I feel alive, and now there is a possibility you're taking this away from me and many others. You're going to destroy this precious land for pony rides and weddings or whatever else The Broadmoor decides to do, because once they own it, it's their land.

I don't understand the greed and how someone could interfere with this precious land. You, Mayor Suthers, have the power to stop this. Somehow, I hope your gut wakes you up as well as your heart and conscience to man up and do the right thing. I have no idea how you could possibly live with destroying Strawberry Fields for the rest of your life, destroying God's gift to Colorado Springs.

— Cathy Chambers

Colorado Springs

Show your support

We're inviting all progressive folks to join us for a Welcome Back Planned Parenthood Rally at our only PP clinic in Colorado Springs.

The event will be Saturday, April 23, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., near the Centennial Professional Building, 3470 Centennial Blvd., at the corner of Centennial and the Planned Parenthood entrance road. Look for our colorful pro-choice vests.

Besides welcoming back brave clinic workers, we'll rally against the "pro-life" group #ProtestPP, who are holding protests around the country on April 23. They still claim on their website that PP sells "baby parts" as they lobby to end government funding, end all abortions and demand all charges against David Daleiden (false videos) be dropped.

Please park in the King Soopers parking lot at Centennial and Fillmore, and walk over to the corner. Bring a sign with your message, hold one of our signs or just wave to the passing drivers, who are very happy to see our group.

— Perry and Irene Luckett

Colorado Springs

Surely not Cruz

Are the Colorado voters stupid enough to vote for hypocritical, Constitution tricker, Koch-bought Sen. Ted Cruz, who, like the Kochs, would aim to destroy everything that 99 percent of Americans need, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, U.S. Postal Service, public school education, Environmental Protection Agency, federal government and more?

— James R. Harris

Colorado Springs

Law lesson

Re: "Trans people want to change the gender on their birth certificates."

Somebody needs to educate state Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt that it is already illegal for police "to remove a transgender woman" from a restroom, period. One might think that a legislator would know that Colorado law explicitly says that bathroom use (and access to other gender-segregated facilities) is determined by the bathroom user's "innate sense of gender-identity," period. I'm really disappointed that the Independent let this misinformation get published without the correct information included.

— Gina Douglas

Colorado Springs

Truth about Cuba

One with a deeper understanding of Fidel Castro's "revolution" would know it 1) was not proletarian, 2) was not known to Cuba's working class and 3) was not a Marxist coup but rather Stalinist in all its character and outcome — the dead end of "socialism in one country." Dramatic, capitalist-approved storytelling such as this article ("No Neverland") continues to stupefy American workers — and in Cuba by the Stalinist-left propaganda of the museo de la revolucion.

The story could have been much more interesting had the author asked Hector and Ada deeper, more relevant questions.

Perhaps their comments on the easing of U.S./Cuban relations and eventual lifting of the embargo? Their thoughts on the Obama administration's illegal holding and torturing at Guantanamo of innocent Islamic men who for years had never been charged with any crimes? Their view of the offering now by Raul Castro to U.S. and global predatory corporations of a cheap labor platform for the extraction of profits and resources on the backs of Cuba's working class?

Or thoughts on whether China's trade influence in Cuba will be brought to heel as U.S. imperialism tries to make up for lost time?

As they've now professed, being transplanted loyal imperialist flag-waving nationalist anti-Castro cheerleaders, I'd say Hector and Ada couldn't care less. The real question is, can they or any anti-Castro Cubans express what they want for Cuba, other than a transformation to a vassal protectorate state?

— Jim Berry

Colorado Springs


The colonists were right. The redcoats coming for your taxes had muskets. You are better off with a musket of your own!

However, if I plan to rebuff tyranny in 2016, my Second Amendment rights afford me an Apache helicopter and a nuclear warhead. There was not a single speaker at this year's GOP county assembly that did not express his need for guns. I told the delegate next to me, "I'm all for background checks, but I am suspicious of how Big Brother would merge psychiatric records with an application for a gun." He replied, "Yeah, they require background checks for ammo in California, so I have to mail my brother his ammo."

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Personally, I dig my bigbore. Go jump in a lake, Freud!

— Kenton Lloyd

Colorado Springs

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