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Yes, every large police force is likely to have its share of bad apples. But anybody who's been paying attention has noticed a drastic decrease in civility in American society, and lots of that increased ugliness gets splattered on our defenders of the peace, making it tougher for even the best in uniform to stay professional.

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  • DVincent Boice

DVincent Boice of Rockrimmon is a tree-cutter.

Have you had any notable experiences with the police? There was a scare about a shooter at the school I went to. It turned out to be unfounded, but the police came to my house because they thought I might have information about it, which I didn't. They were pretty understanding.

Rate your level of trust in the local police. I'd say an eight or a nine out of 10. They've never messed with me in my neighborhood. It might be different in poorer neighborhoods, though.

Are body cams for police a good or bad idea? The police work for the public. We should have information about what they do.

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  • Pablo Quinones

Pablo Quinones lives in his car and does odd jobs.

Have you had any notable interactions with police? Nothing major. My last interaction was getting accosted while hitchhiking. The officer didn't do anything more than shoo me away. He was pretty nice about it, in fact.

What's your level of trust in local police? I have friends who are police officers and they're both really good guys. My sole concern with the police, really, is them knocking on my window to tell me I can't sleep where I'm parked.

How would you like to see police trained to deal with the mentally ill? It would be good if they formed a few relationships with mentally ill persons — not just take a class. They'd be better equipped on an emotional level to see them as actual persons.

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  • Morgan Youngblood

Morgan Youngblood of Downtown is a subcontractor.

Any significant experiences with law enforcement? I was riding my longboard through Acacia Park a while ago when a cop shined his flashlight directly into my face and ordered me to halt. I think there was a drug bust going on, but I was simply passing through. Another time, when the cops were called to the apartment complex where I lived, they tried to go through my apartment to get into the complex without showing me a warrant.

Rate your level of trust in the local police. I don't trust them. I don't feel secure around them, and I don't feel supported by them.

How would you like to see the police trained to deal with the mentally ill? I've witnessed such dealings. Police need to put the focus less on their own safety; have more empathy and understanding; and issue fewer demands.


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