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Re: “Homicide beat

really? your going to try to point the finger at music? an art form? why not bring up the issue that these folks commiting these crimes were not raised with a sense of right and wrong, most likely children raised by video games, tv, and music instead of adults who should instill the value of life. maybe its because as a society, especially in such a conservative cesspool as colorado springs, we have grown so used to pointing the finger at scape goats instead of looking at our own failures. Maybe its time we stop looking at our neighbors through barred windows and strike a dialogue, maybe its time we start to interact with eachother face to face and not through text, maybe we all start to plant the seed of intelect in the youth, and just maybe those seeds will grow to reasoning, intelligence, and responsibility. although those qualities tend to lead to open minds, and Focus and New Life cant have

Posted by Seth D on 02/08/2009 at 12:02 AM

Re: “The unsteady Gazette

Jesus H.! I think I just had a flashback to a month ago. Are these 2 papers running for 2012 and getting a jump on the mudslinging? If the paper cant hang let fade of into the sunset. And on a side note, for the love of god is anyone going to report on this little Dick Cheney getting indictited thing. from what I can tell by the way this story has been buried by our nations "responsible" media it looks like there has been a SHHHHHHH request submitted, I mean the Gazzette is a pillar in this nation and all but it would be nice to see whats hapopening with our VP be accused of organized criminal activity. I have written letters to many news sources about this and recieved only one response from 9 news, they are "keeping an eye on it" so if you want to help put nails in the competitors coffin beat them to the punch and inform us......please?

Posted by Seth D on 11/29/2008 at 6:41 PM

Re: “Long Story Short

Frank, Red Bird is a local comapany and processes over 2 million yard birds per year. Supporting the local economy can be crucial in times like these, it may sound selfish but if we roll up the carpet, make and spend our dollars localy. It could create a small stable bubble. Of course it is impossible to completely buy localy year round here in Colorado, and I also understand that todays society could give a rats ass about their neighbors, it is about convinience and whats in it for me after all (sigh)

Posted by Seth D on 11/21/2008 at 7:26 PM

Re: “Gays bash Hobby Lobby as insensitive

"expose our children to a sin that has killed cities and ruined lives." Cantalope, which cities have been killed by individual choices of affection? was it Marra, or Semlin, or maybe Wieselburg? No, sorry, those were cities devistated by Uber christians, my bad. Also, whos lives were ruined? was it Michael Sattler, or Giordano Bruno, or possibly Thomas Aikenhead? oops, my bad again, those were murders committed by christians to teach those "sinners" good, even if one was a monk, and another a........brace yourself....BAPTIST! praise jesus that we have the moral compass of "true believers" to guide us through these turbulent times.

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Posted by Seth D on 11/01/2008 at 7:14 PM

Re: “The egg and I

A letter from out of state to those who may support 48 Thirty one years ago I was an unmarried pregnant enlisted woman stationed at Ft. Carson, CO. I was raised a Roman Catholic and for most of my life abortion was illegal. Based on my personal beliefs I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Jan. 9, 1978 and allowed him to be adopted into what in my naivet was a perfect life. I left Colorado shortly after, without a piece of my heart and soul, not to return for thirty years. Four years later I was living back on the east coast, in college and enjoying a nice relationship. In spite of using spermicides and condoms I again faced an unwanted pregnancy. This time it was different. The first time I was pregnant I thought if I had an abortion I would go to hell. I would have; my superstitious Catholic upbringing would have put me there. But, the hole in my heart for my son was so huge I felt I'd already been to hell. I told my partner my views and said it was his his CHOICE as I could go either way. He left. With much consideration with my what I call guidance from my "Presence", I had an abortion. I was so relieved I knew I'd made the right CHOICE. Life moved on, I married, had a beautiful baby girl and a controlling husband. It was a troubled union from the start. During one of many separations I had a one night stand and much to my horror became pregnant. Without regret, I had an abortion. The next month I reconciled with my husband and conceived my youngest son. I had a discussion with an ANTI-CHOICE advocate and related my story. First, she said I'd sacrificed one life for another. That's NOT the way I see it. I DON'T BELIEVE EVERY DRUNKEN ONE NIGHT STAND, OR A LIED ABOUT CONTRACEPTION DESERVES TO BECOME A HUMAN BEING. Second, she tried to tell me I had abortion issues when I was telling her I had ADOPTION issues. My heart had been ripped out with the loss of my first born. On Aug. 20, 2008, I found my son. He is an incredible sensitive, thinking individual. I'm writing this letter on all of my family's behalf because we hate to see the state of Colorado succumb to the Christian Taliban as I have come to view those who wish to force their religious views on me and mine. In the end I have three wonderful children. A daughter and two sons. One who wouldn't be here if I believed in abortion and one who wouldn't be here if I didn't. All my VERY PERSONAL CHOICES. Think before you vote.

Posted by Seth D on 10/21/2008 at 1:40 PM

Re: “Just the beginning

It seems to me that the election process has been publically compromised. It would be nice to see officials move proactively, admit possible faults and move on with a fix, paper ballots maybe, removal of those in question from the process, lets get through the 4th, then press charges against and discipline those who proved deceitful and incompetent

Posted by Seth D on 10/03/2008 at 8:23 PM

Re: “Attention, shoppers

Let 'Ol Larry know how you feel about a public official behaving like this towards a citizen (his boss) trying do do a little good in a society that has become so self involved to the point of buying a new handbag is higher on an individuals priorty list than getting involved in a government that, in theory, is supposed to listen and react accordingly to our collective wishes. That is of course as long as you have the time and don't have to rush downtown to show off your new handbag. Email for Rep. Larry Liston

Posted by Seth D on 10/03/2008 at 8:11 PM

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