Seven Days to Live 

click to enlarge One of the fellows from Journey looks like a Backstreet - Boy. How unnerving.
  • One of the fellows from Journey looks like a Backstreet Boy. How unnerving.



Join local wnder-bros Phil Volan, Jim Sokol and Joe Uveges tonight for a show celebrating the release of their first collaborative album, Up, Please. The trio has been playing for 14 years, which makes my stint in rehab seem like an eyeblink. Or not. Never mind. Get to the Business of Arts Center (at 513 Manitou Ave. in Manitou Springs) at 7:30. Tickets are $10 at the door or free with the purchase of the aforementioned Up, Please.



I would be pissed off, too, if I was sober, but tonight Los Sobrios Emputados get mad for a cause. The Fort Collins-based anarchopunk quad joins the all-girls Bloody Mary and the TDs and trash-punk Clusterfux of Denver, as well as boricua punk and hardcore groups Juventud Crasa and Tropiezo, proving that Puerto Rico isn't all salsa and reggaeton. The all-ages show starts at 7 at the Climax Lounge (2217 Welton St., Denver), and your $6 benefits Latino justice group Jovenes Unidos. What better way to confront the anti-immigrant forces than the "creative destruction" of punk rock? For more info, visit padresunidos.org.

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Men Without Hats said it most succinctly: "Your friends don't Obon dance, and if they don't Obon dance, then they're no Obon friends of mine." Never truer, especially this evening at Tako Japanese Restaurant (1840 Dominion Way), where the Japanese Buddhist tradition known as Obon (historically to honor the dead) is going on from 6 to 7:30. You're invited to eat, join in on the Bon Odori and imitate the dancers as best you can with those clumsy Western legs. For more information, call 548-9257.



Bust out your inner ecology geek tonight and get to the Cherry Creek Tattered Cover (1st Avenue at Milwaukee Street in Denver) for Alan Burdick, a senior editor at Discover magazine. He's reading from and signing his new book, Out of Eden: An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion, which offers all sorts of insightful gems about human traffic and diaspora of exotic plants and animals. You can ask him to inscribe whatever you'd like, but I highly suggest, "With love to Oprah." That's good for any occasion. It's going on at 7:30 and is free.


click to enlarge Waking Ashland: standoffishly cool, or just grumpy?
  • Waking Ashland: standoffishly cool, or just grumpy?


Just so you know, I would bite off my own thumbs to see Journey tonight at the Universal Lending Pavilion (1700 7th St. in Denver). The way I see it, Steve Perry and Neal Schon are worth stumps. Not that you've got to do anything quite so drastic; just give a call to 520-9090, visit ticketmaster.com or drop by a Ticketmaster outlet and fork over your $45-$200. This way, your digits can operate your cigarette lighter during "Faithfully." That's what it's all about, isn't it?



Tonight is your chance to get a bellyful of Bali at Colorado College, where students from CC's Balinese music and culture class perform a traditional Balinese recital. It's bound to be a night of music and dance that makes the Western scale look like 12 notes of utterly useless crap. It's taking place in the new recital room at Packard Hall (southwest corner of Cascade Avenue and Cache la Poudre Street) at 7:30 and is free and open to the public. For more, call 389-6607 or visit coloradocollege.edu/news_events.



Popsters Waking Ashland are jingle-janglin' the roof off Darkside (2106 E. Platte Ave.) this evening. The San Diego quartet fuses the rock sensibilities of bands like Jimmy Eat World with Elton John/Billy Joel piano nerdiness, and in their press photos, they're lounging around looking deep, with tousled hair, distressed jeans and smoky, smoky eyes. I smell impending teenage crushes. They're playing with Abracastabya, A Novel Form and Rent to Own. Tickets for the 7:30 show are $8. Head to sodajerkpresents.com for more.

-- Aaron Retka and Vanessa Martinez


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