Seven Days 

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20 Thursday

To mark the beginning of the eight days of Passover, Temple Shalom, 1523 E. Monument St., is hosting a community seder. The lavish kosher meal commemorates the freedom and exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. In a rage, the Pharaoh Ramses II decided everyone's first-born sons would die and he brought a plague upon the land. In order to protect their children, the Jewish slaves painted their doors with lamb's blood and the Angel of Death passed them over. The seder begins at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $25 a plate, or $10 for kids under 10. To find out more, call 634-5311.

21 Friday

Every April for the past 15 years, people have commemorated the sufferings of Jesus and the sufferings of others by walking The Way of the Cross/Way of Justice on Good Friday. The walk passes 11 "stations of the cross" in the downtown area, presented by different groups. The prayerful walk begins at noon in Acacia Park, where it also concludes, and you may come and go as your time and energy dictate. Admission is free. Call 632-6189 for more.

22 Saturday

Today is the 30th anniversary of the day we officially recognized the need for a celebration of our planet and the need to preserve it. People in the Pikes Peak region will be commemorating Earth Day with many different events and venues. Read on.

In Acacia Park, the hoedown will feature the Celtic notes of the Mountain Road Ceili Band at 10:30 a.m. and locals Egamuffin at noon. The two o'clock hour brings the Zydeco Jukes, and the jammin' Jimi Farai Reggae Band takes the stage at 3:30. There will also be speakers: a keynote address -- "The State of the Environment" -- by local activist and tree hugger Ann Oatman-Gardner at 11:30 a.m.; Patrick West of the Natural Law Party at 1:30 p.m.; and local storyteller John Stansfield, of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Sierra Club at 3 p.m. Local art, educational booths and a kids' toy camp will also be on exhibit throughout the day. Admission is free.

If you want to dance to a distinctly Latin beat, Los Robles Nursery at 922 W. Costilla Ave., will host Brazilian Barb, a three-piece samba dance band in honor of Earth Day. Admission is free and the dancing begins at 2 p.m. Call 633-4343 for more.

Or ... you could get all gussied up so you look good when you get down -- and oh yes, you will get down -- to the Joanne Taylor Rhythm and Blues Revue at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theater, 30 W. Dale St. The evening also features a silent auction and cocktail reception. Tickets are $10 and the party begins at 6 p.m. Call 633-4343.

So maybe you don't want to dance. Maybe you want to turn your desert wasteland of a yard into a paradise. One word: Zeriscaping. The water-friendly landscaping technique is ideal for dry Colorado. Learn the basics of zeriscaping at the Zeriscape Demonstration Garden, 2855 Mesa Road. The class costs $5 and begins at 9 a.m. and again at 1 p.m. Call 448-4555 to register in advance.

Of course you could always do something that would really help the Earth, like giving the kids a garbage bag and tackling a nasty stream, highway, park or median. Or maybe doing your recycling. Or fixing that oil leak in your car. Or swearing off hair spray. Make a lasting impression on Mama Earth.

23 Sunday

Ah, Easter. Little white gloves and patent leather shoes, fuzzy rabbits and yellow chicks, the smell of chocolate, lilies and your mother's makeup, quiet sunlit services in a stifling church packed 12 to a pew... or not. Why not get up early today to see the glorious rainbow hues of the sun creeping up and illuminating the breath-taking rock formations in the Garden of the Gods. The 81st annual Easter Sunrise Service will begin at 6:30 a.m. at Rock Ledge Ranch. Parking at this Colorado tradition is tight, so park at either Hewlett Packard at 1900 Garden of the Gods, Coronado High at 1590 W. Fillmore or the Uintah Gardens Shopping Center at 19th and Uintah, and a shuttle will arrive every 15 minutes to pick you up, between 4:30 and 6:15 a.m. Call 599-8652 to learn more.

24 Monday

The pickin's are meager for official outings today. So design your own occasion -- find a way to dig your toes into some fresh dirt and breathe Colorado's yummy air. Mama Earth will be glad you did.

25 Tuesday

Remember the Styrofoam of old, the kind that would easily crumble into a mess of grainy pebble-sized chunks? In how many boring situations did you pass the time by poking holes in those white cups, crushing them, drawing pictures on them, all the while never realizing that with every puncture, you were releasing CFCs into the atmosphere? Now we know that those CFCs, or chloroflourocarbons, rose up into the sky and promptly began to eat our ozone layer, the atmospheric sunscreen that protects us from being fried by the sun's rays. BIG part of global warming. Styrofoam products are no longer made with CFCs, but we still have our Swiss cheese-like ozone to deal with, which is why MIT Professor and Presidental Science and Technology Advisor Mario J. Molina spends his time researching the problem. The 1995 Nobel Prize winner for atmospheric chemistry will discuss the Antarctic Ozone Hole in Colorado College's Packard Hall today. The free talk begins at 7:30 p.m. Call 389-6607.

26 Wednesday

Have you ever really read those food ingredient lists? I have, and I have since switched to organic everything, with the exception of what I eat out. In a month my metabolism seemed to speed up of its own accord, and I had more energy. Not only do I feel better, but everything tastes so good, rich, sweet, tangy, clean. Plus, organic farmers aren't muddying up the groundwater and soil with pesticides and hormones. I highly recommend jumping through the hoops -- organic eating is totally worth it. Learn more about it at Organic: Positive Choice for the Earth and You, a free class with Brady Reddish at Wild Oats Community Market, 5075 N. Academy Blvd. The class begins at 6:30 p.m. Call 548-1667 for details.


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