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click to enlarge "Pin" by Sean Brown of Denver, on display in the - Annual Labor Day Arts - and Crafts Festiva
  • "Pin" by Sean Brown of Denver, on display in the Annual Labor Day Arts and Crafts Festiva

30 Thursday

From what I can make out, Jack Wright doesn't exactly play the sax. He makes noises with it -- freaky screeches that, based on their lack of structure alone, just might be considered jazz. Then you've got this vocalist, Carol Genetti, but she doesn't exactly sing. She does something called "sonic exploration" based on Dadaist sound poetry and electronica. So, are they freaks? Maybe. Artistes? Definitely. The two will experiment together at 8 p.m. down at the Smokebrush Cabaret, 235 S. Nevada Ave. Admission is $5; call 444-0884.

Not so very long ago, you were sending away for codpiece brochures and Poison fan club memberships from the back of Rolling Stone. No doubt a few years have gone by, but surely you can still squeeze into a spangly little number, tease up that mullet and paint your face like a two-dollar Isis. After all, Vixen, Slaughter and the fabulous Mr. Vince Neil are still doing it ... Vince has even busted out with frosty pink lipliner. Heavy Metal never really went anywhere -- it lives in the hearts of you and me. Show the love at Voices of Metal, an Aqua-Net-athon down at the State Fair. Tickets are $16 to $20, but you get $5 off if you fly in on a suspension rig in a banana-yellow spandex jumpsuit screaming "Pana-MA! Panama-ah-ah!" Call 719/566-0530.

31 Friday

Here's a request made on behalf of anybody who's ever had to pet someone else's filthy dog -- take your pooch to Bathe 'n' Bark. Idealistic young college freshmen will wash your nasty mutt for a minimum $5 donation to Dreampower Animal Rescue so that nobody will ever have to pretend that he's not about to run directly to the nearest sink and wash, wash, wash after you and your filmy pup wander off. And after last weekend's little encounter with a lovely raccoon carcass, me and mine will be there, too. The washing takes place from 12:30 to 4 p.m. at the coolest little gallery/bakery/dog-grooming joint around, Wag 'n' Wash, 1625 W. Uintah St. Call 390-7838.

Call it alterna-rock. Call it emoti-rock. Strip it down and it's really chick rock, pure as the dew on Melissa Etheridge's morning brow. Katoorah Jayne gets all strong and feminine with her bad self at Acoustic Coffee Lounge tonight at 8. It'll cost you $5 to get in, but if you mention that Kristen sent you, you'll get free drinks all night long. Maybe. It's worth a shot, anyway. Call 268-9951.

01 Saturday

Twenty-six years, man. Twenty-six years of non-stop crafting action, baby. And all the hip chicks call it the Annual Labor Day Arts and Crafts Festival. It's a huge art fair featuring over a bazillion local and regional artists hawking their wares in the fine outdoor setting of Manitou's Memorial Park. Live music, dance and other entertainment can also be had from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., through Monday. And it's free -- free! Call 577-7700 for details.

It's Colorado Springs Balloon Classic time again, and over 120 pilots and their flying bags of heated air have gathered in Memorial Park. But before you head out to watch the balloons take off, take a moment to learn a little lingo. You'll want to present yourself as a balloonmeister, a head honcho of aerostat activities, so you can oversee the checking of gore and crown lines, make sure the pyrometer is measuring heat accurately, and the chase crew isn't off getting blitzed under a tree somewhere. The mass ascension (sans comet/Kool-Aid) begins at 7 a.m. There are too many other things going on, including balloon glows and breakfasts, to mention here. Visit www.balloonclassic.com or call 471-4833. Most everything is free.

02 Sunday

What are we, a magnet for has-beens? Is there some sort of geologic pull? Pop-henge? The '80s Rock Triangle? Sheesh. No offense or anything, but Loverboy never was that great and it's not like we currently need another "Working for the Weekend." It's time to just let it go. Just put down the guitar. Put it down. Now.

In any case, the supergroup is scheduled to perform at the Gold Rush Palladium Amphitheater, 209 E. Bennett in Cripple Creek this afternoon. It'll cost you $25 to $30; call 800/965-4827.

03 Monday

Everybody's favorite falafel poppin' daddies are back at The Ritz. The Gluey Brothers, who are neither gluey nor brothers, perform their funky rock tonight and Tuesday at 9 p.m. Show up at 15 S. Tejon St. with ID in hand and plenty of beer money.

Sounds like a good way to spend a Monday off, just kickin' it with a country band and a parade. The 32nd Annual Fountain Fall Festival features a pancake breakfast at Fountain--Ft. Carson Middle School, 515 Santa Fe, from 7 to 9:30 a.m., followed by a parade at 10. After a day of wild and uncensored family fun (including live music by Wild Blue Country), there'll be a barbecue dinner at Fire Station #1, 212 N. Santa Fe Ave. Admission is free; just bring your cute little self. Call 382-3190 for details.

04 Tuesday

It's Nudie Tuesday! Get nekkid! Yeah!

05 Wednesday

You saw Babe and ever since you've been wondering how in the world you'd ever get to witness a real live sheepdog trial. Lucky for you, the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials begin today at 8 a.m., featuring over 100 handler/dog teams. The tiny town of Meeker is home to a very feisty group of yearling sheep, just waiting to be herded. ("Bring it on," the sheep say. "Come and get us, furbags." ... The sheep are very confident, despite the lamb barbeque scheduled for Sunday.) This is a great little sporting event, with a cool fair, and it's put on by the nicest people you'd ever care to meet. Admission is $8 to $15. Call 970/878-5483 or visit www.meekersheepdog.com. The trials end Sunday.


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