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click to enlarge Hear Here Artist Showcase and Final Poetry Slam

17 Wednesday


Colorado Springs will soon have a place on the national stage, when its team travels to Boston this August for the National Poetry Slam. But before that, the team needs to be built, and that's the point of tonight's Hear Here Artist Showcase and Final Poetry Slam, starting at 6:30 at Stargazers Theatre & Event Center (10 S. Parkside Drive, stargazerstheatre.com). Eight hopefuls will spit, but only six will get the nod. While you're there, check out visual art by the likes of Dáreece Walker and Anita Kuhn, and live music by the Hopeful Heroines, DJ Mixed Signal and many others. Ten bucks in advance gets you in ($15 at the door), and $15 snags you a table seat, but you need to reserve now at wheretohear@gmail.com. — EA

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18 Thursday


Hard as it may be for some of us to believe on this otherwise unremarkable Thursday, tonight hundreds of minds will expand, then shatter into thousands of pieces, near highway exit 135. That's where, within the hulking gray confines of the World Arena (3185 Venetucci Blvd., worldarena.com), Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove will challenge everything that 3- and 4-year-olds thought they knew about this life. Mice gliding on ice, a gaggle of princesses singing, Simba and Pumbaa in the felt ... it's a massive, kaleidoscopic brain scramble that costs as little as $12 per person, at least for this 7 o'clock opening night show. Prices otherwise run from $15 to $55, with shows scheduled through the weekend. — Kirk Woundy

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19 Friday


At last fall's Celebration Fair I had my Akashic records read. I had no idea what they were going into the session, nor, honestly, do I think I can explain them to you now. But that's sort of how things go at the fair — if you're willing to open your mind to an experience, you can learn all sorts of truths about yourself, whether through Tarot, palmistry, angelic channeling, numerology, handwriting analysis or other holistic endeavors. They all unfold at the City Auditorium (221 E. Kiowa St., bmscelebration.com). Daily admission, today through Sunday, is $5, and 20-minute individual readings are $20. — Kirsten Akens

click to enlarge Jean Sibelius' Symphony No. 5: a Beyond-the-Score performance from the Colorado Springs Philharmonic

20 Saturday


Let me tell you what the Finns like: skiing, Nokia phones and the sauna. (They invented the last two.) But those are sort of givens. Now, what do you know about Finnish music? You should know at least one name: Jean Sibelius. As Finland's premiere composer, Sibelius is not only an icon of Suomi, but a member of your basic classical music canon. Learn more at tonight's 8 o'clock Beyond the Score performance from the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. They'll play Sibelius' Symphony No. 5 — written during World War I, just prior to Finland earning its independence — under the direction of Josep Caballé-Domenech. Tickets start at $23 for this Pikes Peak Center (190 S. Cascade Ave., csphilharmonic.org) show. — Miguel Bustamante

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21 Sunday


Because every day should be Earth Day and all that, you won't be fazed by attending back-to-back eco-action fests. So you spent yesterday between 9 and 3 at Rock Ledge Ranch and Garden of the Gods Park (1805 N. 30th St., gardenofgods.com), enjoying the multitude of free animal interactions, music and educational exhibits. Today, you're headed to Aspen Valley Ranch (1150 S. West Road, Woodland Park, ppcf.org) between 1 and 4 to join the Harvest Center for everything from hiking and greenhouse tours to seed and tree planting and talks on fracking, post-fire forest recovery and cordwood building. — Matthew Schniper

click to enlarge Broadway Calls will perform at Black Sheep

22 Monday


If you thought the days of Against Me! and Alkaline Trio were over, then Broadway Calls probably seems inexplicably popular. Then again, punk, despite its days-of-yore rap, just refuses to die. Maybe that's because it's always had a sense of humor. Take this recent Facebook comment from fellow pop-punk band the Old Wives to a BC fan: "Tape up your butthole Courtney, cuz they were so good I shit my pants." If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is. Catch them with Take It to 88 and Sleeping Weather at tonight's 7 o'clock, all-ages show at the Black Sheep (2106 E. Platte Ave., blacksheeprocks.com) for $10. — Edie Adelstein

click to enlarge Sisters of Loretto: 200 Years Working for Peace, Acting for Justice.

23 Tuesday


The Sisters of Loretto ain't playin'. You've got Sister Mary Ann McGivern, who, according to the New York Times, in 1987 stormed the annual meeting of defense contractor Honeywell to accuse the company of "fueling the arms race" in "the hope for profit." Then you've got Sister Jacqueline G. Wexler, who the same newspaper says took on the Vatican, in 1967, to win autonomy from the church for Webster College, a Catholic women's school in Missouri. They're lively ladies, and the El Pueblo History Museum (301 N. Union Ave., Pueblo, historycolorado.org) pays tribute to that heritage with the traveling exhibit Sisters of Loretto: 200 Years Working for Peace, Acting for Justice. Adult admission today, or any Tuesday through Saturday until July 27, is $5. — Bryce Crawford


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