Silly season redux 

It's been an ugly, angry ulcer of a year for politics with a bit of the absurd thrown in. Look no further than the utterances of the local candidates and players for a sense of the drama.

"I think bringing [Pennsylvania Republican and war critic] John Murtha into town is a disgraceful thing to do. And what message does this send to the terrorists? It tells the terrorists that if they're only patient, if they only wait it out, America will show itself to be weak and unreliable and America will cut and run."

Republican CD5 candidate Doug Lamborn, on CNN Oct. 23

"You want to talk about what it's like to be in the Southwest Desert of Iraq with a rifle and a rucksack? I've been there."

Democratic CD5 candidate Jay Fawcett, also on CNN

"At the end of the day, Congressman Hefley ... Reagan Republican ... the quiet crusader ... the unlikeliest of rebels ... is at peace."

An unidentified CNN reporter, closing the network's Oct. 23 segment on the local congressional race with a shot of Hefley in his cowboy duds, walking away from the camera. Joel Hefley, retiring after 20 years, refused to endorse and vowed not to vote for fellow Republican Doug Lamborn, accusing his campaign of being "dishonest" and "sleazy" during the primary.

"This is about public policy by narcissism and sociopath."

County Attorney Bill Louis, addressing his bosses, the five-member Board of County Commissioners which includes Douglas Bruce on Amendment 38 and its author, the one and the same Douglas Bruce

"He really believes that he's smarter than you, he's smarter than me, he's smarter than the elected people that you have put into office, and he is smarter than everyone else."

City Manager Lorne Kramer, also speaking about Douglas Bruce

"I feel sorry for the man. His idea of making it a better community is to purge people who don't think the way he does. A man did that in the 1930s. His name was Joseph Stalin. People didn't agree with him. They disappeared."

Douglas Bruce, as quoted in the Oct. 20 Gazette, describing Lorne Kramer


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