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It's spring, and the earth is turning green again. Is America as a whole going green, too, or are we only gazing across romantic bays at green lights on Gatsbian piers?

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Ashley Arnold of Carbondale is a magazine editor

What does "going green" bring to mind? A marketing slogan evoked by companies to make themselves look better without actually doing anything.

Is the sustainability movement stalling out? Maybe. I seriously doubt humans are capable of making the necessary changes. The world will go on, but we'll die.

If you had the means, how would you be greener? I'd live off the grid, be totally self-sufficient.

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Troy Carlson of Rockrimmon is a financial consultant and professor

What does "going green" make you think of? Not having a negative impact on the earth.

Are there ways you try to be earth-friendly? I ride my bicycle to work when the weather is nice. Also, my wife and I share a single car.

Is there a way you'd like to be greener? Solar panels are far more aesthetically friendly than they used to be. I'd like to install some, but only if it made financial sense.

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Treffly Coyne of New Lenox, Ill., is an investment relations manager

What does "going green" mean to you? Recycling. Solar power. Using sustainable materials. Leaving less of a consumer footprint.

Is the green movement thriving, or is it dead in the water? It's definitely growing. Flying into Denver the other day, we saw how DIA is now [partially] powered by fields and fields of solar panels.

Are gas prices altering your driving habits? Gas is now $4.52 a gallon in Chicago. It cost $78 to fill my Camry last time. I now always think twice before driving.

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Jim Hancock of New Castle is an engineer

What does "going green" bring to mind? I get suspicious. The environmental movement has been railroaded by socialists who are less about preserving the environment than about controlling people.

How environmentally conscious are you? I recycle, I try to be a good steward. My motto is to leave things better than when I found them.

Is there something you'd like to do more of, in that line? Solar paneling, maybe. It isn't economically viable yet, but it'll get there as fossil fuels get scarcer.

Do you envision yourself ever driving an electric car? If it gets more affordable and practical, sure.


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