Sixty Seconds 

with Chantel Claret singer for Morningwood

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Chantel Claret singer for Morningwood

Indy: What's with the name, Morningwood? It's a little suggestive.

CC: It's the name of a farm, actually. Somebody recently told me what it meant -- I was shocked and surprised and then ecstatic.

Indy: From your Web site (morningwoodrocks.com), it seems that you're always on top of someone on stage. What's with all the straddling?

CC:I like to get people on the floor it's easy. I like being on top of people. Is that too much information?

Indy: What's the most rock thing you've done so far while performing with Morningwood?

CC: In L.A., I ripped off a guy's shirt with my teeth, and I was stepping on top of him with my foot. He took my foot and he rammed it into his crotch, and really enjoyed it. I was wearing heels, and he was way into it. It freaked me out! So I plopped down on him and straddled him and slapped him really hard across the face, but he was really into that, too. Thankfully, the song was done, or who knows where that would've gone.

-- Kara Luger


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