Sixty Seconds 

with Eric Johnson, frontman Fruit Bats

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Indy: Relate to Indy readers some fascinating fruit bat facts.

EJ: They're the world's largest bats, and eat fruit, and they are the only bats that are diurnal [active in the daytime]. And they don't use echolocation -- which is actually the name of our first album, in reference to bats, but I later learned that they don't use that.

Indy: How about Fruit Bats, the band?

EJ: Well, it's me. I've been in the band the longest the only person in the band forever. There's been 25 different members over the course of time. There's all kinds of fascinating facts. We are always on time to sound-check. There was this one bassist who used to puke all the time, and not just from drinking; he was just one of those puking people. That's kind of a gross fact, actually.

Indy: The Aquabats have spandex action suits as onstage attire. What is the Fruit Bats' dress code?

EJ: We dress up when we can, but it's sort of the standard suits, which is boring. Death Cab [for Cutie] dressed in milkmen outfits at Coachella, and I was so jealous.

Indy: So, matching outfits make the world go 'round?

EJ: Definitely!

-- Kara Luger


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