Sixty Seconds 

with ViseVersa, Deux Process MC

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Indy: Describe your new album, In Deux Process (due for release January 10, 2006).

I think it's progressive hip-hop. We're trying to bring back really good music, something people can relate to.

Indy: Why'd you leave Colorado Springs for L.A.? The state in general, there's not many performance venues. It's not really an artistically friendly scene, like L.A. or New York is, as far as opportunity is concerned. We felt that we owed it to our state and to our city to actually get out of it and bring the world's focus to it, instead of trying to stay there and make everyone else know. We figured it'd be a much more effective way to create opportunities for the artists that are there. No one would really look at Colorado as a hotbed for hip-hop, but it's huge when it comes to sales; even (Dr.) Dre's "Up in Smoke" tour did only one city twice in its whole tour, and that was Denver. The consumer market is there, but it's really conservative in Colorado.

Indy: That aside, is there anything you miss about Colorado?

It's more comfortable out there, as far as traffic and stuff like that. But as far as opportunity and where we're trying to go in our career, we're in the perfect spot.

-- Kara Luger


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