Sixty Seconds 

with Raphael LaMotta, MC for APSCI

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Indy: Most couples nearly break up over the stress of buying a house together, yet you're in a hip-hop duo with your wife [Dana Diaz-Tutaan]. Is it much of a strain to work that closely with your spouse?

RL: Yes and no. I can't really imagine doing it any other way at this point. I mean, we clash, we lock horns, we disagree, but somehow we wind up getting things done, and it takes it to the next place. Looking back, we've gotten somewhere so far, so I definitely value it.

Indy: Your debut CD, Thanks for Asking, is a crazy grouping of electronics, hip-hop and Tribe Called Quest rhymes. Where's all that coming from?

RL: The things that influence us are a range of different styles. My influences are both indie rock and old-school hop. Dana is also old-school hip-hop, but she really got into opera as a teenager.

Indy: Along the same line, you used to be in a punk trio, Vitapup, that toured with riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill. How'd you wander into hip-hop, anyway?

RL: I grew up listening to both kinds of music. The town I grew up in was really diverse. For me, I was always following hip-hop, from its inception, then I did the indie rock thing for a while. I took it as far as I could go, but I had other ideas I wanted to flesh out.

-- Kara Luger


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