Sixty Seconds 

with Janet Beveridge Bean singer/guitarist for Freakwater

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Janet Beveridge Bean singer/guitarist for Freakwater

Indy: After six years and a couple of solo records, how did a new Freakwater album begin to evolve?

JBB: It began to evolve, I guess, around six years ago, when we made our last one. We made the last one and did the normal things that we do after that. Catherine [Ann Irwin] had a lot of songs and I was busy working at the time, so I urged her to put out a record, and I ended up putting out one, too. And maybe a few years back, we started just realizing it was time to make another record together.

Indy: What prompted joining up with Califone for Thinking of You?

JBB: They're a Chicago band. I got to see them play, and I think they have a great organic and loose quality, and it seemed like it would work on this album, for some reason, to me.

Indy: Is "Buckets of Oil" hinting at an epic political folk album to come?

JBB: I think that there have been a lot of political songs on our previous albums, just maybe not as obvious as this one. I don't think we'd do a whole record of political songs, but I wish more people were out there writing protest songs and not selling them to Ford right afterwards to sell cars.

-- Eric Phillips


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