Sixty Seconds 

with Matisyn, Canadian vocalist for Evans Blue

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Indy: Evans Blue is No. 1 on Sirius' Octane chart, above Tool. Is your album better than Tool's?

Matisyn: Our albums are pretty different. I don't think anybody can really match Tool's style and the way they present their music. I think it's a big honor to be above them. I wouldn't say that one's better than the other. Both are really good albums, I think.

Indy: It seems that Canadian music of today is not the Brian Adams and Cline Dion of yesterday. Is Canada getting hipper?

Matisyn: I think so. In our town, before we went on tour, we weren't really known at all. We got really popular in the States before even Canada. Our artists seem to get popular in the States first. But they're trying to get their own kind of scene going. It's not so much in the harder aspects right now; it's kinda lighter.

Indy: What's the significance of the butterfly as Evans Blue's symbol?

Matisyn: It kinda just came from a song lyric that starts the album. Pretty much the first line of the album says, "She has a butterfly on her wrist." A lot of artists were working with us, and that was the theme they were going with.

Indy: Why should anyone see you live?

Matisyn: They're gonna see a really good show. We've been told it's an intense, emotional, strong show. I've been going to concerts since I was old enough to do so, and I don't think that, as far as emotion and power I don't know if there's that many bands that are as intense.

New album in stores now.


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