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with Raine Maida, singer-songwriter of Our Lady Peace

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Indy: Congrats on Our Lady Peace's first-ever compilation, A Decade. Does this end a chapter for the band?

RM: I don't know. I guess it's a good way to sum it up, the whole last 10 years. There were a couple of new tracks "Better than Here" and "Kiss on the Mouth" that are kind of cool to me. I've been telling Our Lady Peace fans that that will be kind of the blueprint for any music we do in the future.

Indy: Rumor has it you're also exploring uncharted solo waters.

RM: I just released a solo EP [Love Hope Hero], and, as we speak, I'm in my studio finishing the full-length record. So it's very different. I've been doing some spoken-word stuff, and so far people have said it sounds like anything from Lou Reed to Leonard Cohen.

Indy: Hmmm ... a greatest-hits album followed by a solo project: Does that mean trouble for Peace?

RM: It's something that is exciting for me, and I think when you're in a band this long, you need to start bringing new things to the table to keep it interesting. So this is a good break for us, and I'm really passionate about my solo record. It's been inside of me for a while ...

Indy: Considering Our Lady Peace's alt-rock audience, I'm guessing this may raise a few eyebrows.

RM: So far the reaction I've been getting is, it sounds fresh. I'm definitely inspired by Sage Francis and Saul Williams. It's a bit of an untapped scene, and I can only aspire to be as good as those guys. It's kind of exciting. It feels fresh and new, and it feels like it's on the rise.

John Benson

New album in stores now.


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