Sixty Seconds 

with Sevendust singer Lajon Witherspoon

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Indy: Your band got dealt a pretty big setback with your previous CD, Next. You'd hoped that signing to Winedark Records for that CD would give you better promotion and distribution ... what went wrong there?

LW: I actually have no idea what happened. They folded on us or something. I don't like to talk about it too much. Really, I don't know what happened with it. It just fell through.

Indy: What did seeing Next go essentially DOA do, as far as the band's outlook on its career?

LW: I'll tell you what: That made us stronger, because a lot of people thought the band would fold ... not at all. That made us work harder.

Indy: You made the new CD, Alpha , before signing a new deal with Asylum Records. It's being described as a return to the heavier sound of Sevendust. Is that how you see the CD? Is it at all a reflection of the tough times the band has been through?

LW: A lot of things went on with us. I think the energy behind it was the way we felt for the last two years, if that makes sense. And so the album was heavy. We didn't have anyone coming in to tell us that we needed to sound soft or do anything. I just think it's heavy all the way around because of everything we've gone through in our lives lately, over this past year.

At Denver's Ogden Theatre on March 21.


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