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...with Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship


Indy: Cobra Starship first got known for doing the song "Bring It" for the movie Snakes on a Plane. Do you still have to overcome the idea of Cobra Starship being the Snakes on a Plane band?

GS: I feel like the first record was for that ... We needed to combat that question of the Snakes on a Plane thing are we a real band or not? What is it? That record gave us the tools to go on tour and tour that record, and have other songs for people to know us by. ...We don't get any questions about the movie nowadays. ... No one even talks about it. Even our fans don't talk about it anymore.

Indy: Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy produced your newly released second CD, Viva La Cobra! and also co-wrote a bunch of the songs. How did you view his role in the project?

GS: He was basically like a sixth member of the band. Because he's such a great songwriter and also a good producer, he had a lot of good input. So working with him was awesome. I've been friends with him for a while.

Indy: Your style of pop music in Cobra Starship is really upbeat and energetic, and it would seem to translate well to the live stage. What kind of vibe do you want to create at your shows?

GS: We want it to be a dance party. We want it to be a lot of fun. Kids can have a great time and just let loose. We want kids to move around, but not to beat each other up. To me, moshing is very '06.

At Denver's Marquis Theater, Feb. 5.


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